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I’m creating a new religion. Will you follow it? – Conscious Kash

False God

The definition of religion;


the belief in and worship of a superhuman controlling power, especially a personal God or gods.
“ideas about the relationship between science and religion”

I am Conscious Kash, founder of Educate Inspire Change. Let me first of all start with giving you one of my all time favourite quotes/proverbs. It’s probably one of the simplest yet one of the most profound you will ever read;

”A wise man once said nothing.”

Any person that tells you they know all the answers to life is a point blank liar. Any religion or doctrine that tells you if you follow it’s instructions you will get a one way ticket to heaven is point blank lying to you. Real wisdom lies in knowing that you know nothing.

I am here to tell you that I do not know the answers but that that is the very reason why you should at least trust what I have to say. I am here only to encourage you to think for yourself and do what feels right deep in your soul.

The title of this article might be misleading but I felt it necessary to peak your interest. Now that you are here I am here to tell you that you need no religion.  And I even advise you to question everything that anyone tells you including me when it comes to life and how to live your life.

On that note here are some general things that if you apply to your life should serve you well:

  • Question Everything Always
  • Eat Healthy, Looking into a balanced Vegetarian/Vegan Diet
  • Learn To Love Yourself
  • Be empathetic to others even if they don’t agree with you, the best way to educate others is to lead by example.
  • Be kind to all living beings
  • Understand the importance of self education. You cannot evolve or improve without knowledge.
  • You only have one life – Make the most of it
  • Don’t be controlled by people. Be the captain of your ship.
  • Be ambitious. At our core we are creative beings. So go out, live , create and experience everything life has to offer.
  • Travel
  • Practice forgiveness
  • Live with no regrets
  • Pass on your knowledge and understanding
  • Question everything

So to summarise I want you to have the confidence to create your own beautiful path in life and to then install this confidence in your children. Be healthy and be happy.

Now go spread the love and tell others ….

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