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How To Have An Eco-Friendly Holiday

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We’re in a time where we can no longer wait for the Earth to repair itself, we need to take affirmative action and make things happen now more than ever.

There is another way we can clean up the environment and that is through travel. One forgets how wasteful we can be when jet-setting across the globe.

There are a few ways in which we could travel with a more eco-friendly approach:


Flying is carbon footprint intensive. Pack lightly, try to book direct flights to reduce stop-offs and take-offs as they emit the most carbon emissions.

Vehicle Hire

If available, choose hybrid or electric vehicles to hire while travelling as they are less damaging on the environment and chances are, you might like them so much, your next purchase at home may just be one.

Getting Around

Choose walking or cycling over cabs and driving. Not only are they cleaner options, they are cheaper and healthier for you too!


Choose villas over hotels as you can recycle by choice, source local meals and control your power consumption.

Even better, you could cook your own meals from locally sourced, fresh ingredients in the privacy of your own space.

Turn off lights when not needed, choose open windows over air-con and be savvy with what gets switched on.


Locally sourced food is always a priority and it supports a local economy, additionally, it’s environmentally friendly, authentic and makes for a better holiday experience.

Try to use reusable bags as well as opposed to plastic.


With the exception of places known for problematic water, choose to refill a bottle instead of buying throw away plastic bottles. Try to shower more than bath too wherever possible.

Respect the Local Environment

Stick to walking paths, avoid damaging vegetation, respect cultural rules and keep things clean.

Choose Conservation-Minded Tour Operations

It’s worth researching tour organizers to ensure you find one that is conservation-minded. There are fortunately many who could offer you great packages which ensure minimal damages to the environment.

Travelling can be just as fun when taking the environment into consideration, in fact, one would surely feel better knowing we are doing our utmost to protect the beautiful planet we are graced to live on. So go out there and do your best, each and every day, whether at home or in Bali.


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