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How Do Emotionally Intelligent People Manage Their Anger?

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Emotional Intelligence – this word has been thrown around a lot for the past few years. What does it mean to be emotionally intelligent? It means to be aware and in control of your emotions. An emotionally intelligent person will know how they should handle emotions and relationships. They have a different dimension to their intelligence – something which is not just based on solving numerical problems but rather understanding people and their emotions.

One of the things that can ruin a relationship is anger. Emotionally intelligent people have a great way to deal with anger. We could learn a lot about their emotional side from the way they control their anger. Here are the ways in which an emotionally intelligent person can take charge of their ‘angry side’:

1. Self-Awareness

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What does being self-aware mean? It means that an emotionally intelligent person knows when the toxicity of anger is entering their brain. They immediately take charge of their emotions and does not let their mind be hijacked by negative thoughts. They know what kinds of thoughts are coming to them and hence, they take a conscious step to change them.

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2. Understanding Their Emotions

We often fail to understand what kind of emotion we are going through. Rather, we end up judging our emotions in the wrong way and process it differently than others. Due to the lack of emotional understanding, we can easily get manipulated or carried away by negative emotions. Emotionally intelligent people know how to categorize and understand their emotions. They can differentiate between two kinds of emotions and hence, be able to deal with them better.

3. Misplaced Blame

self reflection

One of the things that most people do when they are angry is to blame someone else for it. Their emotions come out suddenly and they fail to control it. The only way they can release it is by shifting their blame on someone else. But emotionally intelligent people know that shifting blame and projecting your emotions is not the right way to tackle things. Rather, they would engage in self-reflection and find out what actually went wrong.

4. Compassion

One of the things that separate emotionally intelligent people from others is the ability to be compassionate. Due to their emotional intelligence, they have the ability to not only be aware of their own emotions but the emotions of other people too. They are far too empathetic. Their empathy helps them to become so much more mature in an emotional way. Hence, they can regard a situation in a different way than normal people would. They can quickly process through their emotions and choose the right path when they are in a dilemma.

5. Communication

communicating with others

When you are well aware of your emotions, it starts showing in the way you speak to others. They are not egoistic, nor are their conversations self-centered. They have the ability to combine compassion with whatever they say. This quality makes them great conversationalists. People are also more likely to talk to them. They know that emotionally intelligent people will respect and value their opinion and, most importantly, listen to them.

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Emotionally intelligent people are human beings and they may commit mistakes too. However, they know when they commit a mistake and they are willing to correct it. Emotional intelligence has always been swept under the carpet, but now, many psychologists are considering it to be a marker of a proper human being. So, be emotionally intelligent and try to trim down any kind of anger or pride.

It will make you such a better human being.

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