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Here Are Three Unique Ways To Use Cardboard And Create Sustainable Art!

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Single-use plastic is a menace we see everywhere. And not many of us can spend a day without it. But there’s another item in our vicinity which we throw out way too often. Be it your morning cereal or your online delivery boxes, cardboard is usually left out without being recycled much. So we bring to you 3 unique ways innovative people around the globe have managed to use cardboard to create stunning items!

Festival Tents

cardboard tents

Image Courtesy: KarTent

In Europe, after festivals, tents in thousands are abandoned each year. A team of Dutch designers thought about how they can create an alternative tent to reduce waste. KarTent was created as a temporary tent for festivals. They use cardboard to make these tents and once the people move on, the tents are put in recycling.

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A great feature of this tent is the designers’ claim that it is resistant to humidity as well as water! This is attributed to the use of long wood fibers to make the cardboard high quality. The main KarTent costs around $50 and measures about 2.5m by 1.5m.

The cardboard structure is easy to print on. Extra printing space means more space for advertisement. This should encourage event organizers to take up this product without hiking prices for the audience. And once the festival is done, people can sleep in the tent for as long as they want in the morning. The dark interiors block the morning light for a cozy sleep!

Cardboard Art

cardboard art

Image Courtesy: Giles Miller Studio

In his bid to help homeless people, Giles Miller created a range of cardboard products to be distributed among the homeless people free of cost. This was when he was pursuing his degree course in designing.

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Later Stella McCartney, one of the biggest names in the designing industry, commissioned Giles to work on developing the ‘fluting’ process he used. Fluting is the drawing of images on cardboard by manipulating the direction the corrugation on it. Even International House, London commissioned Miller to design their building’s lobby with a rippled cardboard effect. Miller has managed to use cardboard for many such creations.

Flatpack Furniture

cardboard furniture

Image Courtesy: Pesi Studio

While we are not completely alien to cardboard furniture, Seoul’s Pesi studio has managed to revamp the same for us. They used cardboard planks which mirror wood in their look. These structures are easy to assemble and easier to recycle when not needed anymore.

The designers rolled the cardboard into rectangular shapes to resemble lumbers after using a die-cutting press on them. The rectangles were then fixed with PVC rivets. And these fancy furniture are available in five vibrant colors!

So how do you plan to use cardboard lying around your house? Be inspired and recycle away!

Feature Image Courtesy: KarTent

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