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Your Tears Carry Wells of Life Saving Information That Help in Detecting Illness and Healing Disease



The stigma surrounding tears has evolved over the years. As mental health and well-being take center stage, more people are beginning to accept this natural flow of emotion and expression. While crying is a great way to release pent up feelings and clear the body of blockages, science is also proving our tears hold more than just salt and water. In fact, they hold a memory of all the indicators that might just save our lives. 


Tears contain many of the same chemicals initially found in our blood, such as glucose, for example. Due to the wealth of information carried in our tears, scientists are learning how to work with them as an alternative for testing various illnesses.  




A study found that tears carry indicators of some of the most common diseases, including multiple sclerosis, diabetes, cancer, and more. With this knowledge, it makes it possible to conduct testing in a more affordable and non-invasive approach. 


For example, TearExo, is an organization that has developed breast cancer screening using the tears collected by patients. Not only is this less invasive, but it also allows for earlier detection while costing a lot less.  




Crying is a beautiful surrender to the process of unfolding our emotions whether it be of sadness, happiness, grief, etc. While it is a powerful energetic release, it can also teach us more about ourselves. While the technology surrounding tests and diagnosis is still evolving, perhaps you might feel inspired to sit and honor your tears from a new perspective.


What might be held in those waters? How can they teach you to release aspects of your life that are no longer serving your highest good? If crying is not something you are comfortable with, perhaps this approach may open a new path of exploration.  


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