Why Did Women Start Shaving Their Body Hair? The Answer Might Surprise You

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Don’t freak out. This isn’t a ploy to get women to stop shaving or waxing. To each their own, my only intention is to wake people up to a new perspective on women’s body hair.

 As someone who held my own judgements about women who choose not to shave, its important that I share this message.

Here are some things to think about:

At the turn of the 20th century, women didn’t wax or shave, but with a little marketing and a dash of body shaming, that changed fast. Media and marketing created ads that made women feel embarrassed about having body hair. 

“The fastidious woman today must have immaculate armpits if she is to be unembarrassed.” -An early anti-armpit hair ad

Hmm…that’s not the first time that media and marketing has made women feel bad about their bodies….

It is as natural for women to grow hair under their arms (or anywhere else) as it is for men, yet women are shamed if they choose to allow their body to remain in a natural state. 

Women grow hair for a reason. Why are we constantly trying to get rid of something Mother Nature clearly intended us to have?

None of us women actually enjoy the process of waxing or shaving. Am I lying ladies? How many of us have rocked jeans for an entire month just to avoid shaving? We do it because its expected. We may feel “sexy” after the process is over, but the question is why? Who made us believe we have to be hairless in order to be sexy?

People are used to seeing women with hairless bodies and are horrified to see anything different, but people are used to a lot of things, and too many of those things aren’t the truth. The truth is women grow hair everywhere and if it wasn’t for marketing and media, they wouldn’t have to be ashamed of it. There are so many things women worry about when it comes to beauty standards, body hair is just one.

This video features many celebrities who refuse to rid their bodies of what is naturally theirs, you might be surprised by who you see:

Here are some more beauties who also rock body hair:

Just this past August, I told a friend of mine “Armpit hair is not cute, I would never stop waxing.” In the past 3 months my perspective unexpectedly changed on this journey of life I’m living. I don’t know if I’ll rock this look forever but for now its quite liberating, and I’ll continue to have mad respect for women who embrace their full womanhood.

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