What is CBD and why does it might seem to help with so many health issues?



By Anthony Walsh

CBD stands for cannabidiol and was discovered by Dr. Roger Adams and his team at the University of Illinois in 1940. Today with so many options available for CBD, how do you know which one is the best option? There are a variety of sizes, strengths, flavors and types of hemp-derived CBD being offered to consumers in Wisconsin. The type of hemp extract you should choose can vary depending on your reason for taking it.

Three main types of hemp extract oils to help you make the best decision

CBD isolate. CBD isolate is when extraction methods are used in order to isolate just the CBD cannabinoid from the cannabis or hemp plant. The CBD isolate products contain the CBD cannabinoid and is mixed with MCT oil or another carrier oil. You can find CBD isolate in various strengths and flavorings. You can usually tell if a product is a CBD isolate because the companies that offer them tend to make statements like “Purest CBD” and “99 percent CBD.” CBD by itself has been reported to have numerous health benefits and has received a lot of buzz recently nationwide.

Broad spectrum hemp extract. This type of hemp extract is when formulators remove the THC cannabinoid from the profile. The final result is an oil that has CBD and the other cannabinoids without THC. This type of hemp extract is popular with health conscious people that are concerned that they may fail a drug test at work due to current laws and stigma.

Full spectrum hemp extract. This option happens when all of the naturally occurring cannabinoids, including the THC, remain in the extract. In addition, all of the terpenes and flavonoids of the plant remain in the extract as the plant was designed in nature.

Most industry experts agree that a full spectrum hemp extract is the optimal way to receive all of the benefits from the cannabis plant. One of the biggest questions most people ask when they are interested in taking a hemp extract is if they will get high and if they would fail a drug test. If you are taking a full spectrum hemp extract that contains the legal amount of THC, which is .3 percent, you will not get high. That amount of THC is non-psychoactive.

Would you fail a drug test? That depends on the type of test being used and the amount of hemp extract you are consuming, body fat and other variables. Some tests being used will even register a false positive. If you are concerned about failing a drug test for an employer, it is always recommended discussing your hemp extract use with your doctor and employer for further clarification.

Article source : Naturespathways.com

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