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This Video Will Make You Think Twice About Ordering Chicken Next Time You’re Hungry



Erin Janus is an animal rights activist who has been making a stir recently with some passionate and well researched videos raising awareness on animal abuse around the world. This video is from a year ago which is designed to make you question the morality behind why we eat chicken. If we see a chicken or any farm animal being harmed or crossing the road we stop to protect them or let them cross so Erin asks where the compassion is when we order a bucket of chicken from our local drive through…

”We marvel at the nature and personality of animals, including birds: chickens and turkeys included. Our natural instinct is to love and protect them, yet we contribute to the abuse, violation, violence and dismemberment they endure. We often spare ourselves the sight of how these beings go from the farm to our plate. In this video, I question the suppression of our emotional and moral instinct in regards to our dietary choices.” ~ Erin Janus

Kasim Khan – Team EiC

Much of the footage you saw from is from Farm To Fridge:…

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