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This Vegan Chef Is Taking The Internet By Storm With Her Family Recipe (uncensored)



Peggy Glenn (a.k.a. Granny PottyMouth) is the wise, unabashed, and down right hilarious granny we wish we all had.

If you’re a fan of over-the-top personas who curse in the kitchen, *cough cough, Gordon Ramsay* then you’ll love Peggy Glenn‘s recipe video.

The foul-mouthed granny has a YouTube channel, aptly called “Granny Potty Mouth” and curses her way through topics such as politics, food, and even dating.

In her latest video, she curses up a storm while giving a vegan turducken recipe, which she calls the “Tofucken.

Within the first 10 seconds of the video, she hits you with the “Tofucken” reference and your first thought is probably, “WTF did this old lady just say!”

Then she follows it up by saying a Turducken is, “Probably the grossest shit I’ve ever heard of, usually eaten by simple douchebags.”

At this point, your jaw drops and you don’t even know what she’s trying to cook, because you’re just waiting to see what else she’s going to say. But there actually is a recipe in there,  we promise. It’s a vegan recipe, but still a recipe, nonetheless.

Also, we didn’t know until the end that the video is sponsored by PETA, which explains why she went on a vegan rant, but despite the icky PETA co-sign, it’s still a funny video.

In this video Peggy Glen teaches us how to make a Vegan version of a Turducken. And just to let you know this is completely uncensored.

Peggy Glenn is my new hero. Please SHARE her new Tofucken recipe with everyone you know.

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