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This Nap Desk Converts Into Bed So You Can Sleep At Work



A power nap is sometimes all you need to continue your day at work, and with this Greek designed ‘nap desk’ employees can do just that!

Multiple function furniture has taken the world by storm, and Studio NL has created the ultimate modern and sleek desk that also acts as a spot to catch some often much-needed shuteye.

It’s also perfect for those on tight deadlines working around the clock, one person can nap and still another can take their shift at the desk without disturbing their napping college.

In many countries, a nap is a part of the working day. In the Chinese governmental department employees take naps to and from work while taking the company transport, and even take a nap during their lunch break on a sleeping mat.

In Dr Alexandra Michel’s nine-year study into the welfare of US investment bankers, she found that many of those she interviewed didn’t mind staying at work through the night. They told her that going home was much more complicated.

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