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This Easy Sleep Trick Can Increase Your Mindfulness Levels, Study Finds



An endless arsenal of techniques has blessed the mindfulness approach and continues to improve the lives of the modern world. With that being said, meditation and yoga have been at the forefront of the movement for years. However, what if becoming more mindful was as easy as resting your head for sleep?

This is exactly what researchers at the University of South Florida set out to prove. In their new study, it was found by adding 29 minutes of sleep per night mindfulness levels significantly increased the next day.

To document the study, researchers tracked the sleep patterns of 61 nurses over a two week period. Participants wore sleep devices and answered a set of daily questions to track mindfulness levels.

“One can be awake and alert, but not necessarily mindful. Similarly, one can be tired or in low arousal but still can be mindful,” said lead author Soomi Lee, assistant professor of aging studies at USF. “Mindful attention is beyond being just being awake. It indicates attentional control and self-regulation that facilitates sensitivity and adaptive adjustment to environmental and internal cues, which are essential when providing mindful care to patients and effectively dealing with stressful situations.”

This study offers nurses with another tool in ensuring optimal service during long shifts. According to a release, the study found nurses had greater attention levels and experienced better sleep quality.

It was also found those with deep mindfulness are 66% less likely to experience insomnia. This also proves a positive loop for both mindfulness and sleep when paired hand by hand.

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