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These Seat Belt Covers Warn Emergency Workers Of Children’s Health Issues



Great ideas are often sparked by love and desperation, as in the case of Australian mother of five, Natalie Bell. Concerned for the safety of her daughter in the event of an accident where family or friends were unable to alert first responders and medics of her medical condition and requirements to enable them to treat her appropriately, Natalie came up with the idea of creating a seat belt cover with details of her daughter’s condition.

Natalie’s daughter is deaf and has a  cochlear implant which prevents her from having an MRI, crucial information for first responders.  Natalie created her first seat belt alert cover personalized with details of her daughter’s condition and posted a photo on Facebook. The response was huge, with thousands of parents wanting to place orders.

The positive response prompted Natalie to start her own business which she called Personalised by Nat, where she sells her personalized Bellt Alert Cover creations. Each belt cover can be personalized for each individual, providing critical information, to alert first responders of medical conditions and any other conditions of the child or adult. The seat belt cover wraps around the seat belt and has a white background with clear and large bold letters indicating the individual’s medical information which can be seen in poor light and from a distance.

Each cover is personally designed by Natalie for a host of medical conditions including Autism, Down syndrome, Diabetes, Epilepsy and Alzheimer’s. Additional information can be added when requested, such as the child having difficulty communicating or may resist help from strangers, medications, allergies and blood group information.

Although the patient may have medical information on a medical bracelet such as Medic Alert, they are sometimes not noticed immediately whereas the seat belt covers will be the first thing emergency responders notice when arriving on the scene of accident involving vehicles.

Natalie’s products are available on her  website: The standard cover cost $16 and the personalized one $25. Delivery time for the latter is currently 15-30 days due to high demand.

All images: Natalie Bell

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