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These 10 Tricks You Didn’t Know You Could Do With Food Will Change Your Life Forever!



Remember when we were told not to play with our food? Well ignore all that and try these cool tricks with food!!

Though food is pretty magical on its own (yum!), we can’t help but wonder about how it can become even more magical. Remember those food-based science experiments you did as a kid, the ones that made your eyes widen and impressed all your friends? That’s what we’re talking about here — but unlike your mystifying potato clocks and mind-blowing baking soda volcanoes, we’re taking things to the next level. (And when we say next level, we mean NEXT LEVEL.) This isn’t your ordinary food science video. It’s pure magic and wizardry.

Have you ever seen a jar of peanut butter transform a piece of coal into a crystal (yes, like the ones at Urban Outfitters)? How about watching soda clean your favourite pair of earrings? What about witnessing warm milk fix a plate that fell off the counter? Oh! And do you know how to test if your honey is real or fake? To answer these questions and so many more, we delved into the world of food science to find the best hacks. Whether you’re doing these with your kids or just for your own amusement, they are sure to be a hit. They may seem impossible at first, but wait for your mind to be blown!

Here is the video and you can scroll further to find the instructions for each trick!

10 tricks you didn’t know you could do with your food!

How amazing are those tricks? If you want to find out more about how to do them yourself at home keep scrolling!

Diamond in the Smoothe Peanut Butter


  • Large jar of peanut butter
  • Charcoal
  • Ice
  • Tongs


  1. Heat coal thoroughly, and dunk into the jar of peanut butter. Make sure that coal is fully coated all over.
  2. Remove coal from peanut butter and place into a bowl of ice cubes, then cover with more ice.
  3. Freeze coal in ice overnight.
  4. Remove coal from freezer and place into a bath of lukewarm water. Gently rub off charcoal and peanut butter to expose the beautiful crystal inside.

Surly Soda


  • Cola Soda
  • Milk


  1. Pour out about 1/4 of the soda.
  2. Fill soda bottle with milk and shake to integrate.
  3. Wait a few minutes, and watch as the milk begins to curdle and separate.

Instantly Freeze Water


  • Mixing bowl
  • Ice
  • Rock salt
  • Water bottle


  1. Fill the bowl halfway with ice.
  2. Cover ice with rock salt and place water bottle on top.
  3. Cover with remaining ice and rock salt, then let sit for 5 minutes.
  4. Remove from ice gently, then slam down on the table to freeze.

Soda Silver Cleaner


  • Shot Glass
  • Silver Earrings
  • Soda water


  1. Hang earrings off of the shot glass edge.
  2. Pour soda water into the glass until the earrings are completely submerged.
  3. Watch as the acid dissolves the tarnish.

Instantly Ripe Fruit


  • Very ripe bananas
  • Under-ripe tomatoes


  1. Place bananas into a box of unripened tomatoes
  2. Wait overnight, then awaken to perfectly ripened fruit!

Make The Fluffiest Eggs Ever


  • Eggs
  • Sparkling water


  1. Whisk eggs and sparkling water in a bowl.
  2. Transfer to a hot frying pan and cook them like you would an omelette.

Apple Wax Remover


  • Apple
  • Warm water
  • Bowl
  • Glass (to stand the apple on)


  1. Rest an apple over a glass positioned in a large bowl.
  2. Pour warm water over the apple to remove all of the wax.

Real vs. Fake Honey


  • Honey
  • Warm water


  1. Squeeze some honey in a bowl.
  2. Pour a little warm water into the bowl and swirl to either reveal the genetic memory of the honeycomb or just ripples in the honey. Honeycomb pattern means it’s real honey!

Rust Remover


  • Rusted silver
  • Ketchup


  1. Rub ketchup all over the rusted piece you’re working with.
  2. Let it sit for 30 minutes.
  3. Wipe all and rinse to reveal the shine!

Porcelain Repair


  • Broken porcelain plate
  • Tape
  • Bin
  • Warm milk


  1. Tape together the broken piece(s) of your porcelain plate.
  2. Put the plate in a bin and pour warm milk over it until it’s fully submerged.
  3. Let it sit for 2 days before removing from the milk.

Source: itsBlossom

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