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Scientists Remove Alzheimer’s Plaque in Mice Using Light and Sound—What Can This Say for Human Treatment?



Alzheimer's Mice

Scientists share an ongoing study regarding another option for Alzheimer’s treatment. Light and sound are being studied in the brains of mice as a way to clear Alzheimer’s plaques and improve cognitive function. 

Studies find that inducing a specific brain state using light and sound allows for new brain connections to form.

A New Light for Alzheimer’s Treatment

The mice in this study were induced with 40h hertz light for an hour. This treatment decreased white deposits in the brain and heal other triggers that can be linked to the onset of Alzheimer’s. Brain scans showed an increase the function of microglia which is said to clean debris. While light treatments provide preventative and post clean-up, this approach only works with the visual part of the brain. Scientists were also interested in reaching parts of the brain that didn’t have easy access to light. 

Alzheimer’s Healing in Sound

Where light couldn’t reach, the sound was a tool in the study to observe healing effects in the mice. After a week of treatment, mice subjects showed an improvement in cognitive function and memory retention. The power of sound is subtle yet heals the body in a variety of ways. This was seen in the movement through mazes and remembering objects that were shown to them in the past. In addition to microglia changes, blood vessels cleared and paved the way to plaque removal.

Alzheimer Treatment in Humans

Scientists continue running tests to bring non-invasive and affordable treatment to human patients. Some questions posed include why 40 hertz seems to be the specific frequency producing optimal results. Neuroscientists are beginning to test these practices on healthy adults and will soon move to individuals with early onset of Alzheimer’s. 

Fortunately, the results yield a bright future. Although humans and mice are wired differently, light and sound research pose a big influence on how the future of treatment might look moving forward. 


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