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New Undetectable GPS Shoe Inserts Prevent Elders with Alzheimer From Getting Lost



According to the World Health Organization, the number of people living with dementia worldwide is currently estimated at 50 million and will almost triple by 2050. The effects of dementia and Alzheimer’s can cause a strain in daily living and can be tricky to treat. It causes memory loss, disorientation, and difficulty in completing tasks. This disease affects those who suffer from symptoms as well as close family members and caregivers. These numbers basically quadruple when considering caretakers. New and undetectable GPS shoe inserts prevent elders with Alzheimer’s from getting lost. 

Those who live with this disease easily forget information. Elders get lost going from one room to the next. It can be very frustrating and cause unnecessary stress and confusion.

These unobtrusive GPS trackers fit in the sole of shoes and keep track of the person wearing them. The placement is innovative yet subtle. Elderly people suffering with these syndromes often forget necessities. Luckily, these GPS shoe inserts are one thing they cannot leave the house without. Not only does this keep a person suffering from this disease safe, but it also provides a sense of calmness to those closest to them. 

GPS Shoe Inserts

Recently, a company based in Japan, Wish Wills, developed hidden GPS shoe inserts. Retailing for about $300, the tracking device connects to a phone application. 

A notification is sent to a smartphone from this GPS device to a close relative that will be able to locate the person with the disease using a map. The map can be viewed either on a smartphone or a computer.

Once the elderly person moves away 165ft (50 m), 328 ft (100m), or 1640 ft (500 m) outside of his house, the GPS device will send the notification. This will help locate his exact location earlier than it could be.

Living with syndromes of memory loss and forgetfulness can be stressful. Especially when it means giving up a level of independence. These GPS shoe inserts provide a sense of reassurance for concerned family members while providing an undetectable level of security. 

Currently, these GPS shoes are sold only in Japan.

However, this device would not benefit only Japan with almost 25% of its population being over 65. The entire world could benefit from something like this.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has stated that 47.5 million people in the world have senile dementia. Each year, there are new cases of this disease in 7.7 million people. This kind of data is troubling and other countries might get involved in using these useful devices.


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