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Zen Den – This New Stress Remedy Is Helping People Deal With Modern Day Stress



zen den

Stress is the invisible killer that we often don’t talk about. It might seem under our control, at times, but without actually acting on it, stress can eventually grow and become a chronic disease. As per the American Psychological Association, about a third of Americans suffer from major stress issues and almost 48% think that their own stress levels have increased. Stress has taken a toll on their body, productivity levels, and social relationships too.

zen den

Carol Aldwin, the director of the Center for Healthy Aging Research at Oregon, talks about how stress can increase the cortisol levels in our body. Cortisol is the stress hormone. It weakens the immune system, interferes with our memory and learning abilities, and can increase our blood pressure levels, causing cardiovascular problems.

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zen den

But now, we can de-stress ourselves in our own homes. That’s the latest trend this year – Zen Dens. Zen Dens are the perfect medicine to relieve you from stress. As per Plan Collection, it is an area selected in your own home where you can meditate, engage in self-awareness exercises, and yoga. It’s a way to slowly melt all your stress away. It’s your escape-too-much-activity room.

zen den

In this designated place, you can just unplug and release all the accumulated stress of that day. Plus, a Zen Den is not something you invest too much money on and build from scratch. It can even be a walk-in closet, an unused room or an isolated corner in a big room. Whenever you enter this space, it becomes yours. You transform it into your private space.

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zen den

However, you can always decorate it with things that calm you down.

zen den

Don’t go overboard though. You should choose a maximum of five calming elements and put them around you. Soft things like feathers and wool can relax you.

zen den

However, take note that no electronic devices should be present anywhere near this Zen Den. No mobiles, phone chargers or electronic blankets. These items can overstimulate us – these are the things we are trying to escape from. A few soft pillows, a wind chime, and a few plants will do the trick. Minimalism is the key. If you are finding it hard to select a space in your crammed indoors, then get creative. Find a space outdoor and decorate it in your own way.

zen den outside

Get de-stressed with the Zen Den and start working towards a healthy and happy living.

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