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How the words we speak can be used as a powerful tool to improve your life.



Power Of The Spoken Word

The words we speak can actually be used as a powerful tool that can be used to improve your life.

Paying attention to what we talk about, how we talk to ourselves and how we talk to others can really change your life for the better. This is because words have a direct impact on how we feel and the quality of life is based on how we feel!

You have the power to replace any negative words or wrong thinking with one positive one immediately. If you want a good life, you need to use words that create this.

“Words have a biochemical effect to the body. The words determine how we feel. Change your words and you change how you feel. Be careful who speaks to your life.” – Pastor Joseph Gilson in the book Keys to Prosperity.

“By changing your words you can change your world, because your word is your world.”

In Napoleon Hills book Think and Grow Rich he explains that if you want to change how you think about something, keep repeating it to yourself and eventually you will actually start to believe that whatever it is your repeating is the truth.

“We must carefully orchestrate our speech if we want to achieve our goals and bring our dreams to fruition.” —Dr. Andrew Newberg

“Health isn’t just about what your eating, its also about what you are saying and thinking too.”

Treat your mind like you would treat your body when you are trying to be heathy, you choose the foods you eat more carefully, thoughts and words should be the same.

Words can become our experience.

Mararu Emoto did a Rice Experiment by putting rice into 3 cups and speaking to them differently, the results show how positive or negative words can really change things.

Be mindful of how you are talking to yourself, instead of being hard on yourself, talk to yourself like you would talk to someone you love, talk about the things that are going right and the things that you want, respect yourself enough to walk away from people who put you down and always talk negative.

Power of Language we speak


Has changing your language changed your life? Will you become more mindful now of how you talk to yourself and other people? Leave your comments below!