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Words that KILL your Confidence



Did you know that these small words that get dropped into our sentences and conversations each day can be subconsciously killing our confidence?

All the times you put yourself down as a joke, use disempowering language, disregard compliments, judge yourself your subconscious mind picks it all up and affects the self-belief. Whatever follows “I am” becomes your reality.

Notice how many times you say, “I should be doing this” “I need to do that” “I don’t know if I can”, “maybe next time” “I don’t know if I’m good enough” – or when someone compliments you disregard it by saying oh thanks, It was only cheap, or give some explanation for your compliment. All of these small things have a huge effect on the level of self-belief and take away your own sense of self-power.

How you speak is how you succeed & build your confidence 

Although I am aware of how important the words and language we use are, I didn’t realize how much I said the word “Oh yeah I need to do that.” Using this type of language as well as “should” makes things seem so much harder than they need to be, it also makes you feel like you are out of control of your life and that you are doing the wrong things and this language actually really causes unnecessary anxiety and stress.

To empower yourself use these words to empower yourself instead of putting yourself down:

Disempowering Language Replace it with
I need to, I have to. I have chosen to, I desire to, I want to.
I only/I just I achieved
I can’t I have decided
Failure/ I failed I tried that and it gets better each time I practice.
Tomorrow/Next time/Someday Now or never
I should do I intend to
I don’t know I KNOW
Got to I am choosing
Ill try I am working
Never Anything is possible
Busy I have enough time for everything


It’s not always easy to become aware of dropping words you have been using for years, but in the end, it will be worth it. By using positive affirmative language is the best method to develop your self-confidence, anything you hold in your mind will eventually express itself.

we create circumstances
through our inner conversations &
our subconscious mind
without even realizing.

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