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How To See Yourself In A More Positive Way



10 Ways to See yourself in a Positive Way:

1.Self Awareness: Appreciate your life and each day of being alive. Stop feeling sorry for yourself if you are alive and have health. Observe and wonder in nature and see its abundance. See yourself through others eyes.

2. Self-Esteem: Get that deep down feeling of your self-worth and pass it along to others. Talk yourself and others up.

3.Self-Control: Take responsibility for your life, make your own luck through preparation and affirmative action.

4. Self Motivation: Motivate yourself by focusing on the rewards and seeing the end result – forget failure.

5. Self-Expectancy: Get enthusiastic and let that be contagious to everyone it touches.

6. Self-Image: Project your creative imagination and always present a positive preview of your coming attractions with vivid descriptions. 

7. Self-Direction: Write your goals on a piece of paper and share those with who can help you achieve them.

8. Self-Talk: Develop the discipline of positive self-talk to yourself over and over again and when you are relaxed, visualize yourself in the act of enjoying and completing each task of your current goals. Complete all projects you begin and say “I take action now”

9. Project Self-Dimension – Project yourself as a winner who creates other winners too.

10. Project Self-Projection: Take action!

The only limits to my accomplishments in life… are self-imposed.

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