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No, Don’t Ever Compromise Your Self-Worth Just To Please Others



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One of life’s greatest regrets is not heeding to your true self and not being what you are, instead of being what others want you to be. Every time you look towards someone else to validate who you are by seeking their approval, you are destroying/killing yourself a little. Tell yourself that you are complete in yourself. Don’t compromise your self-worth just to please the feelings of people around you.

Be Who You Are

believe in yourself

What others say or feel is irrelevant. You have to know and express who you are. Be truthful to yourself. Be truthful about yourself and have the nerve to answer that things are not right with you. Have the nerve to let them know that you should be by yourself. Utilize that time to introspect and find a way out of whatever is afflicting you.

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Don’t Live For Others

Way too often we stick out our neck for others but end up nursing wounds our self. Refusing to live somebody’s life is way harder than compromising yourself. But you must do that. You are just being sensible when you stand up for yourself. It is never selfishness. Unless you yourself are completely okay, there is little that you will be able to be there for others, physically or mentally.

Don’t Be Afraid Of Upsetting Others

Staying silent and allowing yourself to be pressed down is akin to a slow form of cancer coursing through your body. There is an inherent stupidity in not standing up for yourself. It is not that you will emerge victorious in every battle. But don’t compromise your self-worth and let everyone else know that you have stood up for yourself.

You Know Your Worth, You Know Your Needs

know what you are

Be sure to do what is best for you and do not take the opinion of others for it. You have to take care of yourself, and deviating from the path to please someone else is sheer foolishness. Let it be clear that you will get to your destination based on where you set out to reach. Let our imagination and your creative self run free. You will journey to places you never imagined, succeed which others thought was impossible. You get away from people who stand in the way and learn to say no.

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Go For Yourself

Nobody said that the journey through life was easy. Those who are themselves stuck will find it difficult to accept your success. Such people will accuse you of creating a situation to desert them. But if you can be of help to others after you have helped yourself, you are welcome to it.

First and foremost it is you who matter, you and your self-worth. So don’t compromise your self-worth. Even as you continue on your spiritual journey, the messages you leave behind will stay behind as landmarks. There lies a lot more to life than just existing than people realize.

Life is not always about doing great things but in doing things that will remain. The secret is never to cease on your onward journey. If your efforts at friendship are not being reciprocated, then it is time you moved on. It is not for you to account for their feelings. You have a life to live, hurdles to face, and if on the way you hurt some feelings, so be it. Be brave enough to live your life and don’t compromise your self-worth.

Figure out your real worth, pick up your pride and hit the road to freedom. You will surely roll into the valley of change. And if people in your life decide to be left behind, let them.

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