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6 Ways To Remember Things Easy



You don’t need to have a good memory to remember things, there is a science to it! Our minds work in pictures, so when you learn how to associate things in your mind with what you are trying to remember, remembering things become so much easier.

Here are 5 techniques that explain how to learn things quicker:

1) Believe that you can
By having the belief that your memory is bad or that you can’t remember things quickly, this is what you will get. When you need to learn something important, first tell yourself “I remember things so easy. It’s so easy for me to remember things.”

2) Set the intention
When you have a reason for wanting to memorize something, it will give you more motivation and attention to be able to learn it. Think about why you want to learn it, what you will use it and how its important for you to know the information. 

3) Understand
Understand every meaning and aspect to the point that you could explain it simply so even a child could explain it. 

4) Association
We can remember things better if its associated with a story or some sort of movement. if you are trying to memorize something long, break it up and put it into a story, use your hand gestures for different meanings of the words.

5) Visualise
Go through each step of what you are memorizing and see it in your head like a film. Our mind works in pictures.

6) Repetition
Repeat it in small sections of 2, then go back to the start and keep doing this until it becomes natural.

Keep Working The Memory Muscle 
In any circumstance, look around and practice your memory by remembering things and trying to recall it later on. Psychologists call this “testing” effect and it improves the muscle in your brain to remember things easier.

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