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3 Questions To Ask When You Can’t Decide What To Do



Sometimes it can be so hard to make a decision when we don’t know what to do, but the truth is, it’s all down to us! No one else can make the choice for us. Here are 3 amazing questions to ask yourself when you don’t know what to do.

1.What is the worst thing that could happen if I do this?
Is the risk worth it, will it be transformational to my life? Will it make me happy? What is stopping me?

2.What is the most likely scenario will happen?
What will happen if I actually do this?

3.How will I feel if I don’t do this?
Is this decision something you can live without, or can you imagine yourself not doing it, how will it feel?


Use your gut instinct after you assess the situation, make the decision based on your deeper intuition. Usually, our heads tend to think of the worst, our brains always want to protect us when they think something is a threat or an unknown experience which holds us back. Our heart can make temporary decisions, but our gut always knows the truth. Once you have thought about the decision, use 54321 then decide, the 1st answer you choose or that comes to mind is your gut instinct.


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