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20 Simple Tips To Have A Good Year



1. Focus on things that make you feel good.

2. Don’t make resolutions make a lifestyle. RESOLUTIONS = Pressure. Take small steps into a new lifestyle.

3. Make your own food – save money and you will also appreciate eating it more!

4. Say goodbye to people who are not meant for you. Don’t force anything to do with relationships, make effort, but if you don’t get it back – let it go!

5. Save time for people who appreciate you and less time focusing on people who ignore you.

6. Try more things, get curious and learn more things – you may discover a passion you never even knew you had.

7. Do more things that scare you.

8. Be mindful of the words you speak and talk about, avoid drama and pointless gossip.

9. Write a list of things you love to do and commit to some time to do it each day/week.

10. Stop taking things seriously and have more fun.

11. Start acting as if your dreams are going to happen rather than stressing whether it will or not.

12. Instead of worrying what can go wrong, think of all the things that can go right!

13. Smile at random people.

14. Compliment others – you could make their day, it also increases your confidence too!

15. Stop talking about it and start putting your thoughts and dreams into action.

16. Wake up with gratitude and go to sleep with gratitude. Each day a blessing.

17. Instead of accusing people of having bad vibes, check your own vibe!

18. Smile more for no reason, it actually improves your mood. 

19. Stop wishing, start doing, nothing has to be perfect to start, just take the first step.

20. Start being kinder to yourself and realizing you are already good enough.


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