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10 Reasons Why You Are Good Enough



In life, some circimstance or expeirence can make us feel unworthy and not good enough, which can subconciously damage other aspects of our life and really hold us back from of things including our happiness, our relationships, our whole life, but by repeating affirmations and reminding our mind that we are enough, we can start to believe we are.

In one of the amazing Marisa Peer talks she explains how the biggest disease affecting humanity is the thought of not feeling that “I am not enough.”

“When you are browsing through these images on Instagram, just remember that real life is in your heart. Your smile, your family, your surroundings. Pictures online will make you believe you are not enough. Like you need to do something more. More exciting, be more physically beautiful, be bigger than you are. It’s a lie. A net of fleeting fantasy. You are real. You are beautiful. You are enough. Go be in the world and stop comparing to the worlds selfies.” 

10 Reasons You Are Good Enough

  1. Because you are already you, you don’t need to do anything or be anything, you are unique and you are the only you in the world.
  2. Whatever is inside you, your uniqueness, realness, your rawness is what matters, your gut instinct – that is what is important, perfection isn’t.
  3. Being good enough is just a perception, the mind believes anything we tell it, so keep telling yourself “I am enough.”
  4. You are stronger than you think.
  5. You are here for a reason and you only have this body this life time, embrace who you are whilst you have the chance,
  6. Everyone has started from somewhere and worked on it.
  7. To fail is to be on the right track!
  8. The fact that you are alive means you have been chosen to do something.
  9. You have a gut instinct and intuition which is in correlation to your dreams and desires. What you want is a sign it is possible for you and is your life message,
  10. Fear is a state of mind that can be conquered by just doing it, keep doing 10x it till it goes away.

We can change our mindset in 3 ways, keep telling it what you want, keep telling yourself you are good enough.

3 Things about our Minds:
Our mind believes what we tell it and does what it really thinks you want it do. So language and how we talk to ourselves is important.

How we feel about anything and the way our mind responds is the result of the pictures and words we tell ourselves.

To succeed at anything, you have to make the unfamiliar familiar and the familiar unfamiliair, so at first, when you start to make the statement “I am good enough” it may feel weird, but keep repeating it until it becomes apart of you.

Anytime you start to feel doubt, keep saying to yourself “I am good enough!”

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