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1 Simple Way To Shift Yourself to a Good Mood and Calm Anxiety




It’s apart of life that sometimes we can get moody, we may not even know why and just can’t snap out of feeling a bit cranky, especially when things don’t turn out the way we wanted.

But at some point, we have to find a way to shift our focus so we can move forward and let miracles and everything good flow to us.

“Life is as good as a man think it to be.” 

When I feel cranky and moody about things that are happening, everything else seems to just keep getting worse. But once I was able to snap out of it and change my focus, better things started to happen. You can’t condemn where you are and focus on what’s not working and invite in abundance.  It defies the law. 

How to immediately shift yourself into a good mood and calm anxiety:

Give thanks in advance that whatever is not working out will eventually work out.

Write down what your fear/worry is then add “I love how _______ turned out.” 
Write it and say it over yourself. 

How this works:

  • It helps you to really put yourself in the situation of what you want already being there, which calms you.
  • Helps you stop overthinking, relax and let go.

When focusing on what your anxious about or hasn’t happened yet which causes you to be upset or moody, this causes resistance. The universe gives you more of what you focus on.

Your life is precious and with the power of your imagination, you have the power and strength to think and work yourself out of any bad mood. It’s all in your mind. Also knowing that time is limited, that we don’t live forever, that our life today is enough to be grateful for, can immediately put things into perspective.

For outside circumstances to change, we have to change the inside first.

“Stop trying to calm the storm. Calm yourself, the storm will pass.”

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