This little girl named India Rose is what’s known as an indigo child. Which is just another way of saying she is awake, even at such a young age and with parents who probably eat meat the voice in her heart is telling her not to eat meat and It really tugs at my heart strings to watch her be so passionate and genuine about not killing animals.

If you give a baby a rabbit or a chicken the natural instinct is to play with it , not eat it. But if you give a child a carrot or piece of fruit it will immediately bite it because it feels natural. I firmly believe that in many years to come people will look back on our civilization and ask how we could be so cruel to our animal friends.

I made the personal choice to go vegetarian nearly 3 years ago and I simply cannot look at meat in the same way as I used to. I feel healthier and my mind is clearer, on top of that my conscience is clean as I know I am contributing far less damage to the environment and that I am also playing a much smaller role in the death of any animals. Next stop for me is full Vegan!





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