Whilst skipping through some of Joe Rogan podcasts on YouTube I came across a super interesting conversation with a Ultra-Athlete and runner Zach Bitter.

To give you a bit of insight into what a Ultra-Athlete is this guy basically does things that the rest of us simply cannot. You need years of conditioning and endurance training to even attempt the crazy races this guy competes in.

He has completed in over 40 ‘ultras’ ranging from road to track and trail to mountain. He has competed at three World 100k Championship Races, won three National Championships, and notably he is the current 100 Mile American Record Holder and the 12 Hour World Record Holder.

In this 8 minute conversation Joe and Zach discuss the use of trainers and whether they help or hinder the human foot. It’s an interesting conversation to say the least:

Zach Bitter – ”If we were meant to have a wedge on our heel we would have had a wedge on our heel”

Joe Rogan – ”That’s a ridiculous thing that Nike came up with and it’s really unfortunate that so many people have adopted that and that they run heel first like that.”

Will you now re-think what trainers you buy next?

Would love to hear your thoughts and please if this article/video resonates with you please share it with your friends and family.

Thanks for reading!

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