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Joe Rogan On Ali, Tyson, Jordan and The Madness of Excellence




I really do believe that madness and excellence are just next door neighbors.”  ~ Joe Rogan

Muhammad Ali, Mike Tyson, Michael Jordan all achieved excellence in their respective fields. Joe Rogan proposes that “a lot of success in athletics comes down to almost like a psychosis. At a real high level of anything, there’s a certain amount of almost crazy behavior to get to this incredible position…there’s a madness.”

The video below is a series of clips covering each athlete’s monumental career and is narrated by Joe  Rogan as he shares his thoughts about the behavior and performances of each athlete, and what made them such geniuses in professional sports. If you’re interested in Ali, Tyson and Jordan, and the mental edges (or disorders?) that make athletic legends so different from the rest of humanity, you’ll want to watch this.

Kasim Khan – Team EiC

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