If We Behave In These 10 Ways Towards Children The Future Of Humanity Will Be In Safe Hands

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Raising children in a modern day environment can be stressful and difficult at the best of times. But I genuinely believe that it should be regarded as an honour and a pleasure by all adults who are able to influence children in any way, whether you are an uncle, parent or just a friend of the family your own energy and how you project yourself onto children will have a lasting impact on them.

I am in no way saying all adults must follow a set list in order to be a positive influence on children but I’m sure many of the points on this list will resonate with you and I am hoping that it will simply act as a well intended gentle reminder that our kids are our future and the future of the planet is in their hands too. So how we treat and care for them will over time be reflected back onto us and the planet.

1 Apologize to children when you are wrong.

2 Do not assume you’re smarter than a child simply because you’re older.

3 Say thank you to children when they do something for you or others.

4 Admit when you’ve made a mistake and admit it openly to them.

5 Listen to children. Never neglect them.

6 Be sure to set boundaries for acceptable behaviour.

7 Lead by example.

8 Teach and practice compassion, kindness and love.

9 Explain to them that actions have consequences good or bad.

10 Enjoy watching and nurturing them.  Take great pleasure in the privilege and responsibility of being able to guide and shape them into being responsible well adjusted adults.

Now again let me reiterate that this list should be taken lightly and in context and that this is no way meant to be judgemental and question your skills as a role model to children. I hope you like the list and agree with it. If you do then please share it in the hope it acts as a reminder to others out there.

With love and gratitude.

Kash Khan – EIC Founder

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