monsantoWe have great news. Monsanto has suffered a huge blow in the battle for our food supply and our genetic purity. Specifically Monsanto has now lost $156 million in Q4 of 2014 and this comes down to a few different business reasons.

Due to relentless activism Monsanto is being exposed as probably the most corrupt corporation in the world and certainly one of the most hated. Smart investors have realised that Monsanto is tanking and that any association can bring only a negative return on investment.

If the trend of Monsanto losing money continues at this rate then we can all hope to see the GM giant corporation crumble in the near future.

Check out the videos below for some commentary and analysis from activist and writer Anthony Gucciardi:

Monsanto Losing Millions, Public Wants GMO Labeling

Check out this article written by Anthony Gucciardi :





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