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This Former Vaccination Rep Refused to Vaccinate His Own Son. This Is Why



The anti-vaccine movement seems to be a sore subject for many, however, both sides of this very controversial issue is deserving of an open ear.  No matter what your stance may be, the well being of our children could be at risk, which is why it is especially important that we listen to all points of view on this matter.

A former vaccination rep has disclosed his reasoning behind choosing not to vaccinate his own son.

Father, Scott Cooper worked as a pharmaceutical sales rep, and was a vice president’s club award winner for Merck & Co., a very large vaccine manufacturer. There he had unlimited access of the research conducted on vaccines and the risks associated with them. In addition to studying the truth about vaccinations, he learned that almost all of the companies lawsuits came from the vaccine division.

When Scott discovered that his wife was pregnant, he decided he wasn’t going to vaccinate his future son, however, his wife was pro-vaccine. Scott made a compromise with his wife and decided that it was best for her to make her own decision. The future dad brought home everything he could find that was pro-vaccine and anti-vaccine. When he scoured the periodicals in the libraries, he found a very small stack of information that was pro-vaccine, and boxes full of books and articles that were anti-vaccine. He allowed his wife to make up her own mind and by the time she had done her research, they were on the same page.

When the couple’s child was born, their OBGYN sat Scott down in his office and said,’Look, you work for a large pharmaceutical company, what do you mean you’re not vaccinating?’ Scott explained to the doctor, that despite his company manufacturing some of the very vaccines he refused, he didn’t believe they were safe.

Their son is now 24 years old and has never been vaccinated. As a child he grew up healthy and was rarely sick. He was always much healthier than his peers as well as very smart.

This father grew up believing in vaccines, but after completing his own research, he found that vaccines are ineffective and come with major risks; he urges parents to do their own research.

“If you believe what you are told by the AMA and the CDC and your doctor, you’re not doing enough research.”-Former Pharmaceutical rep, Scott Cooper

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