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FDA Approves Video Game to Treat ADHD Without Invasive Drug Prescriptions




Video games shine under a new light as medical professionals look at the benefits of treating behavioral disorders. While screen time should be monitored for a balanced intake of stimulation, the exploration of a prescription-based video game might offer new perspectives. 


In June, the FDA cleared a prescription video game treatment for ADHD. This provides a non-invasive approach that is often masked with various pills leading to an onslaught of side effects. Perhaps this might lead toward new explorations when it comes to healing a condition rather than suppressing.



The video game is called EndeavorRX and has made strides in reaching younger generations to combat ADHD. “With today’s decision by FDA, we’re excited to offer families a first-of-its-kind non-drug treatment option and take an important first step toward our goal to help all people living with cognitive issues,” Eddie Martucci, chief executive officer said in a press release.


At surface level, EndeavorRX looks like a typical video game with avatars, obstacles, and levels. However, from a deeper perspective, the algorithm is designed specifically to activate neurological systems in the brain. These areas control how attention is directed and can have long-lasting effects.



In a study conducted in April, 600 children diagnosed with ADHD were considered to participate in the FDA’s clearance for the videogame. The results showed a “clinically meaningful change in their child’s day-to-day impairments after one month of treatments with EndeavorRX,” according to the press release. 


There is no release date as of yet, but a prescription will be required once the game comes out. Where medications can prove to leave children feeling groggy or unlike themselves, the native approach EndeavorRX presents leads to an innovative relationship with what the future of medicine could look like. While it is certain nature provides free healing for all, it is also incredible to see how we may reestablish relationships with electronics for the better. After all, moderation is a practice we can all prescribe ourselves.


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