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This Beautiful Woman Stripped On The Subway To Share A POWERFUL Message



This beautiful young model and activist Iskra Lawrence left passengers on a New York subway train more than a little surprised after she interrupted a journey… to take her clothes off.

She took off her dress in order make a point whilst delivering a powerful speech about body shaming, leaving those close by not knowing quite where to look.

Check out the video below:

Many people have reacted negatively to her public display saying that stripping off wasn’t the best way to engage people

This is what she had to say to the nae sayers ; ‘We all have our own unique power and sharing it with the world is something really special and hopefully the more we can listen and learn from each other we become more open minded and less judgmental.’

She added: ‘At the end of the day we are all one race, the human race and we are all equal.’


Lawrence, who has 2.8million followers on Instagram, has frequently used her position in the public eye to celebrate different body sizes.

The model has frequently used her high profile to talk openly about accepting different body sizes and the need for the fashion industry to stop using models that don’t represent real women.

Model Iskra Lawrence explains how self acceptance is beauty

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