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40 Things You Didn’t Know About Your Eyes



You can read through this list of things covered in the video but I suggest you just skip ahead and watch below ; Blinking,Tears,Corneal Abrasions,Newborn Tears,Different Eye Colours,Shark Corneas,Shizophrenia,Dog Eyes,Impossible Colours,Pupil Dilation,Eye Sunburn,Upside-down Retinas,Lighting Changes,Octopus Eyes,Blue Eyes,Red Eye,Red Receptors,Eyesight,Eye Lens,Peripheral Vision,Visual Centres,Tetrachromacy,Solar Retinopathy,Iris Pigmentation,Puberty Eye Growth,20/20 Vision,Short-sighted,Tear Composition,Optical Illusions,Microsaccades,30 Shades of Grey,Refractive Power,Light Sensitivity,Blind Spot,Smooth Motions,Eye Patches,Blue Eyed Kittens,Nocturnal Predators,Depth Perception,Computer Reading.

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