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10 Signs You Are Emotionally Intelligent




Emotional intelligence is the ability to recognise and manage your own emotions and other peoples. Having emotional intelligence is an asset because you can identify and influence emotions of others. Being able to look beyond ‘face value’ and look deeper into the reasons behind why someone displays certain emotions is a huge skill to have.

10 signs you are emotionally intelligent:

You’re want to know why people are the way they are

You look beyond what you see and try to understand why someone does the things they do. You show empathy and can easily put yourself in their shoes. You’re non-judgemental towards other people and their circumstances and behaviour.

Change is easy for you

You are a chameleon. You easily adapt yourself in any situation, which means you can pretty much fit in with anyone. You are good at relating to other people, because you have a level of understanding that is second to none.


You’re a good judge of character

Because it’s so easy for you to see through peoples facades, it aids you well in being a good judge of character. This means you always seem to attract the right kind of people to you, and very rarely attract any sort of drama, but if you do you can easily diffuse the situation.

You’re very open about your own weaknesses

You are self-aware and don’t hide behind an act. You are ready to face the facts about yourself, and are open and honest about who you are to other people. Self improvement is huge for you and you are very focused on yourself, not getting distracted by other peoples issues.

You forgive

Forgiveness is the most liberating feeling of all, and it is one of the hardest things to do sometimes. But by not forgiving, you are allowing your ego to stand in the way of your personal growth. Anyone who is emotionally intelligent understands this, and finds it quite easy to do.

You don’t take everything personally

People can judge you and you wont get offended, as you understand that by them judging you, shows a reflection on THEIR character not yours! By you letting it go, nothing can really affect you and you don’t just give your power away to anyone else. You stay in complete self-control.

You can identify toxic behaviour

You can easily pick on when someone is lying, being manipulative or narcissistic. You don’t react when you see this kind of behaviour, you just sit back and watch the points. It’s difficult to fool you and you keep your emotions in check when dealing with these kind of people or situations.

You’re aware of the voice in your head

We all have a voice in our head, prone to negative self-talk. Usually though it’s hard to recognise when you’re doing it. People who are emotionally intelligent understand their triggers and how to stop themselves and be in the present moment.

You go to bed reasonably early

Getting enough sleep is absolutely necessary for your mental and physical well being. It reduces stress levels, allows you to handle life with a more rational mind and keeps you energised. Emotionally intelligent people understand that not getting enough sleep affects their memory, attention span and their self control.


You don’t let other people get to you

We absorb so much different energy on a daily basis – positive and negative. People who are emotionally intelligent are good at distancing themselves and protecting themselves almost like they are in a bubble. They don’t confuse their own feelings with other peoples or let other peoples energy affect their own.

Written by Abbey Stirling

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