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#2: Gerard Powell: Rythmia Life Advancement Center + connecting with nature

Host Kash Khan interviews Gerry Powell of Rythmia Life Advancement Center, a luxury health and wellness center that offers alternative therapy programs including plant medicine as opposed to conventional routes.

In this podcast, Gerard Powell shares how his relationship with plant medicine unraveled childhood traumas that were carried into adulthood, explains that using ayahuasca can awaken the “walking dead” from their quiet desperation, and the importance of connecting with nature within our lives.

The Educate Inspire Change Takeaway:

“The beautiful thing is that the plant doesn’t care. It doesn’t care if your a drug addict, it doesnt care if you’re a gambler, it doesn’t care if you’re just stuck in life. It doesn’t care if you’re frustrated, it doesn’t care if you a sex addict, it doesnt care if youre a pedophile. It doesn’t acre. It just is pure love and works just the same on everyone.”

“The more you connect with nature, the more you connect with happiness in your own life.”

“Having a bad plant experience is better than having 20 years of psychotherapy… because even a bad experience has such teachings in it.”

4:42: Brown elaborates on how plant medicine gave him the ability to forgive his childhood abuser, and that trauma can be necessary to allow humans to split from themselves and refrain from becoming the victim. 

6:51: Gerry explains the difference between ayahuasca and iboga, and which should be ingested depending on what the individual is going through.

12:57: Brown discusses how to change the stigma attached to using plant medicine and his take on why it is currently restricted to certain parts of the world.

20:32: Khan shares an ayahuasca experience he had at Gerry’s retreat and how he residenated with a certain animal, and asked Brown to comment on the connection with animals, DMT, and the spirit world.

29:36: Brown talks about the data that Rythmia has collected on how the size of an ayahuasca ceremony relates to personal healing and growth, and what Westerners should be aware of when holding a ceremony in the jungle.

Resources- – Rythmia Life Advancement Center – Gerry Powell – Interview with Gerry and Jay Brown

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