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Geoship Homes Use Natural Law to Harmonize with Land, Humanity & Economy

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Live in community, in harmony with the land.

Geoship is a regenerative village building platform, owned by the people, in service to the Earth. Our vision is a revolution in affordable regenerative architecture to reconnect human communities with the natural world.


If a house is just a house until you make it a home, Geoship brings you to the heart of nature’s dome. This is a place where the sun’s energy flows directly overhead, powers your lifestyle, connects you with a like-hearted community, and inspires a new model in the global economy. With an intentional approach to architectural design, Morgan Bierschenk, Geoship Founder and CEO, touches on the relationship between directing where our energy goes and the potential to create long-lasting harmony starting right from our living room. 


After ditching years in the corporate field, Bierschenk immersed himself in sailing the open seas, learning more about alternative forms of government and currency, and creating a harmonious living experience. Geoships are a culmination of his healing journey, knowledge in economic exchange, and cultivating a community built on what we love most.


“It’s all about trying to use currencies to focus human attention on the things that we want to make more,” Bierschenk advises. As our current systems fail before our eyes, we are living in interesting times. Many are out of work and are faced with the opportunity to rest, reflect, and create a new way of living in the new normal. It’s certain our planet’s well-being will be at the forefront as we move forward. 


The things we treasure are what matters most and what are ready to grow. After all, where attention goes energy grows. “In the debt-based economy, basically all the attention is on this measure of separation between people. It’s like the more we can shift that attention onto like, you know, fertile soil, thriving forests, clean air, good water and you know… Friendships, community, art, and all the things that we really treasure and share, then that’s what will grow,” Bierschneck continues.


Geoship is poised at the position of creating sustainable living through sacred geometry and materials to maximize efficiency for the planet and her inhabitants.



Ancient Practices for Natural Design to Optimize Health & Well-Being in Tech-Heavy World

Geoship technology merges the work of inventors, Buckminster Fuller’s Geodesic Geometry, and Rustum Roy’s Ceramic Crystal Chemistry. Consisting primarily of CNC mold and green ceramic manufacturing, Geoship’s use of nature technology pulls from ancient civilizations such as sacred temples like the great pyramids of Giza. These geodesic domes prove to be resilient in their construction and design, much like famous historical structures. Geoship is also partnering with Biogeometry, a group based in Egypt that applies the energetic principles of shape to bring symmetry into environmental energy interaction. 


For example, even when you have things like 5G around, there are ways this bio-design harmonizes its influence and interaction with us. The ceramic used within these geodesic domes contain crystalline structures that protect from harmful vibrations that are emitted from EMFs. 


Beirschenk describes the use of metal shavings in ceramic to give off radiation shielding properties to “restore centripetal charge forces and get the charge kind of folding into itself again.” When radiation hits a ceramic material like this, it is transmuted and transformed. 


“The way that they explain it from bio geometry, which is this science that’s based out of Egypt… The way they explain it is there’s a superfluid ether all around it…” Bierschenk continues, “Think of it like water and everything that moves is like a boat going through the ocean. And there are waves coming out beyond it. Everything that moves in the entire world is like sending out these little wakes behind it, including the electromagnetic carrier.”


“So now imagine all of the architecture and the way we design our rooms and stuff is all about harmonizing, like basically creating sacred geometry mantras in the electromagnetic field,” he describes. This is what the Egyptians have always known in a way to take chaotic energy and turn into a pattern.


Bierschenk continues by drawing similarities between the way the modern world views ancient Egypt connected with energy (hieroglyphs, statues) as a religious practice. When in fact, these weren’t just their gods, it was their technology. This is the same way aliens might view our relationship with our phones and screens. Are we treating this technology as a point of reference when it comes to worship? If technology has such a profound effect on the relationship we cultivate with it, what happens when we utilize bio-geometry technology to make the most of our health.


“It’s kind of like really healthy. You know, you’re really healthy and build a big aura,” Bierschenk expands. “Then it’s going to protect us from the electromagnetic radiation to some extent. And then you just kind of expand that into building an aura that is the whole house, right? So that the house is helping you build a big, well, essentially it was like building big bubbles of work, you know?” Biershenk concludes.


Essentially, these homes are an extension of us. Not only does a healthy home promote a healthy family living within. But, perhaps this dome can lead to inspiring healthier actions within our daily lives to create an energetic Geoship around our human container.


Transcending Homelessness 

This vision is actively being put into play through Geoship’s current project, Homes for the Domeless. Through their design, Geoship transcends homelessness across the USA by building thriving communities in partnership with Zappos and the City Repair Project. 


“It’s addressing housing affordability because it’s a production technology and uses new materials sciences, so like new supply chains. So the potential for housing and pricing to decrease over time as technology evolves,” Biershenk shares.


Geoship is tackling some of the largest issues humanity will be faced within the upcoming years. As our current economy proves to fail the global community in more ways than one, this crowdfunded company is transforming capitalism and the construction industry by giving customers a stake in the project as well. 


Where the physical structure of a Geoship transforms the energetic imprint in its aura, so does this project in the energetic approach to a global dilemma. The company transcends homelessness by including them in the building of their own communities and creating and filling job positions within the community. These are also known as “Transitional Villages,” which provide the homeless with a place to go to a place where there aren’t so many options


Revolutionizing the Global Economy 

“Equity crowdfunding is the obvious choice for the new wave of multi-stakeholder companies. Old school capitalism makes rich people richer, and everybody defers responsibility, while our planet pays the price. We’re shifting that paradigm by making our seed investment widely accessible, and distributing equity to customers and the Earth.”


In this case, Geoships is owned by customers and nature alongside investors and employees. Investments can be made at their start engine here: ranging from $100-$10,000. 


It’s not just the housing industry that is getting redefined, but capitalism itself. Each customer has the ability to become a shareholder.


“That’s why we’re was really important to us to not take money from venture capitalists and like millionaires,” Biershenk shares. “You want to just make sure that everybody has the chance to invest early in something that could be big. So that’s one way to help, you know, change the, or address income inequality based like a new form of capitalism.”


However, this sense of abundance and stability goes beyond humanity and gives back to the earth we derive these materials for.


“About 50% of Geoship will be of the equity and will be distributed to the customers who are buying the domes and to nature,” he adds. Geoship is doing this by working with an indigenous tribe in New Zealand where legal personhood has been granted for Mount Taranaki and river Whanganui. The vision is as more of these sacred sites gain personhood, they can be connected to companies that give them equity. “It definitely makes sense for a company like Geoship because we’re using geopolymers. You know, it’s like we’re extracting minerals from the earth to make homes so the earth should have, you know, equity in what we’re doing,” Bierschenk shares.


As we unfold into a new normal, applying what is best for the community and planet works hand in hand. If our aura is strong, so is Gaia’s. Geoships efforts are proving to make the most of what it means to live and inhabit a true community based on teamwork, geo-design, and a more just economy. 


Join the homebuilding revolution and learn more about investing here.


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