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Five Creepy Facts About The Case Of The Missing Girl Madeleine McCann

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By FullySourced

Was Madeleine McCann kidnapped? Was her accidental death covered up? Or was she sold of to an anonymous pedophile ring? In this article we thoroughly investigate this mysterious and incredible disturbing case.  I present you with five creepy facts about the  Madeleine McCann case.

If it wasn’t for the dedicated effort of some of the kindest and most caring people on the internet we wouldn’t even be discussing this case today. A little bit of digging by the community has revealed a lot of shady activity and questionable responses by Madeleine’s family. And their connections to very sinister people.

It has already been speculated that Madeleine’s abduction was more of a trade, and that she was sold off to a child sex trafficking ring. The messed up thing is, as crazy as these theories are, there is more evidence to support these theories then there is the official story of the McCann family.

Now, 11 years later, the case has been re-opened. We can look back at some of the strangest and freakiest facts about this disturbing case.

This video and article examines some of the facts of this case, and the evidence suggests a cover-up.

The Damning Evidence

Regardless of the circumstantial, there is enough hard evidence out there put this case away for good. I’ve pointed out the freaky facts about the case, but there is still the ignored evidence which proves that Madeleine’s parents knew how and when she died.

Their embedded confession which actually confesses that she died by falling.

In November 2016 Richard D. Hall interviewed Peter Hyatt, a highly respected expert in statement analysis. Peter explained, ‘When we speak, the process of constructing sentences in our mind involves deciding which tense to use, which words to select from our vocabulary and what order to put them in. This mental process all happens in a fraction of a second. If somebody is constructing sentences from their experiential memory, ie, recalling something real that actually happened to them, the process of word selection follows particular patterns and characteristics, which can be easily identified by a trained statement analyst.

If however a person is fabricating and being untruthful when they speak, the natural cognitive process of choosing and ordering words is interrupted, because the mind must censor and insert artificial information in a very short time period. This means the language of somebody who is fabricating is characteristically different and can be picked up.’ He has analysed in depth an interview that Kate and Gerry McCann gave in 2011 and throughout the entire interview both Kate and Gerry it appears show signs of deception. The analysis concluded that Madeleine died in the apartment, was drugged, and sustained injuries incompatible with living by falling .

The ever changing story.

The initial story has changed multiple times. Kate claimed that the abductor jemmied the gliders open, went in through the window and kidnapped Madeleine. There were no signs on a break in and nobody else’s DNA was found at the scene. The story then changed to the kidnapper walking in and out off the front door with Madeline and a false eye witness account was made by own of the McCanns friends of a man carrying a child that resembled Maddie and was wearing the same pyjamas.

They tried to pin the kidnapping on a hotel staff member and when that didn’t work their story changed a little more and they blamed it on the maintenance man. Both men were later cleared and the eyewitness account was believed to be fraudulent. This hurt the case for the McCann family.

Later a Scotland Yard detective claimed that a man matching the description given by McCann’s friend, Jane Tanner, was carrying his daughter home that night. He released a picture of a dark haired man standing in the same pose; this statement was proved to be fake but the detective was never charged for a miscarriage of justice.

Jane, Gerry’s and Kate’s statement on what happened on the 3rd of May don’t add up. There are indescrepencies. Both Jane and Kate claimed that Madeleine was playing tennis with them, but the details of Jane’s story do not match Kate’s suggesting that both of them are lying about what happened that day.

The McCanns released a picture three days after Madeleine’s disappearance to try and prove that Madeleine, indeed, was playing Tennis on Thursday, 3rd of May. However, hotel staff do not recall seeing Madeleine playing tennis or by the pool and claim that the clothes that she is wearing in the picture was what she was wearing on the Tuesday, the 1st of May; which is backed up by a timesheet showing that that is when Madeleine’s mini tennis group was playing. After further inspection, it was evident that the EXIF data of the photo had been changed making it impossible to prove what day the picture was taken.

Robert Murat, professional pervert.

Gerry McCann’s and Robert Murat’s phone’s were switched off for 32 hours; from 3:44PM on the 2nd of May, to 11:40PM on the 3rd of May, after Madeleine was reported missing.

Robert Murat arrived in Portugal early on Tuesday, the 1st of May.

Hotel staff recall hearing a little girl cry and scream on the Wednesday night, the 2nd of May. Kate confirms this in an interview, but admits to ignoring her cries and claims that this is when the kidnapper first made contact with Madeleine.

Maddie’s DNA.

Madeleine’s hair and body fluid was found in Murat’s villa, but written off as insufficient evidence to continue investigations.

Police K9 units detected the scent of death in the McCanns hotel room, and blood stains that were later confirmed to be from Madeleine. This evidence was ruled as insufficient.

The McCann family rented a car two weeks after Madeleine disappeared. The police K9 units detected the scent of death in the car, and DNA tests confirmed that blood stains that were found in the car were of Madeleine. Robert Murat paid for the rental, but did so under the name of his soon to be ex-wife.

The parents have the pajamas that Madeleine McCann wore when she allegedly abducted! The exact same pajamas. They were stupid enough to hold up the pajamas during a press conference in hopes to jerk some tears from potential donors — they claimed that the pajamas were from the younger sister, but the pajamas were way too big to fit a one year old todler, and Gerry’s brother even later confirmed that those pajamas belonged to Madeleine.

How the hell could they have the same pyjamas she wore when she was kidnapped? It matches the description given by the witnesses that claimed they saw someone carrying a little blond girl. Did the kidnapper return the pyjamas to the family? Isn’t this enough proof that the McCanns are involved?

Authorities doubt official story

It is obvious those 12 million pounds weren’t spent to help solve the case, they were spent to do just the opposite. Despite the outcry from the hundreds of thousand people who want justice. Those who volunteered their own time to investigating, like Mr. Birch, to help bring justice to this this little girl. Still they refuse to investigate. 12 million and nothing has been done, despite the arenal of evidence the amazing truther committee has gathered. Nothing.

Something is being covered up, and it isn’t just the tinfoil hat wearing conspiracy theorists who think so;

John Stalker, Former Deputy Chief Constable:

“My gut instinct is that some big secret is being covered up. I have real suspicion we are not being told the truth.”

Colin Sutton, Former MET Murder DCI:

“I was told by someone very senior that Grange would be very narrowly focused, away from the suspicion of any wrongdoing by the part of the McCanns.”

Craig Murray, Former British Ambassador:

“I have direct information that more than one of those British diplomatic staff found the McCanns less than convincing and their stories very inconsistent. Guilty as hell.”

Wendy Murphy, Former US Prosecutor :

“I am not buying it. When do you hire the Nation’s biggest defence attorney PR firms and refuse to answer questions?”

This whole case stinks. You know that there’s something wrong when the general public show more emotion and empathy towards the missing girl than her actual parents.

Using the evidence and facts given in this video, I could come to a conclusion that is even more logical than that of the official case… but I will leave this to your imagination. What do you guys believe really happened


Article from @Fully Sourced

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