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Find Out Whether You Are A Healer, A Mystic, Or A Shaman

Inner Shaman Awakening
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When your calling is in line with being a healer, a mystic, or a shaman, expect that your life is filled with darkness and struggles.

These things aren’t given to you to paralyze you or pin you down. These are the essentials in awakening your light and letting you know that you need to move through that darkness and breathe out your light.

If you’re surrounded by light, you would never know that you’re a light unto yourself because it wouldn’t be recognized. But when darkness surrounds you, it’s easier for your light to shine.

Thus, when you can’t understand what’s wrong with you, why you feel so dark inside and in turmoil, give considerations to the idea that you may be one of the chosen few who are here in this world to do the works of the healer, the mystic, or the shaman.

Find Out Whether You Are Healer, Mystic, Or Shaman

The Healer’s Journey

1. You experience an inner woundedness.

Most often, healers encounter traumas in life that leave them with deep wounds.

Each of us may be wounded in one way or another, but in the healer’s case, the trauma is so intense it shakes them to their core. The pain caused greatly affects your choices and life decisions.

2. You had been stuck in a victim mentality.

Because you’re still clueless about what’s going on in your life, you have a tendency to repeat the experience, which will then become a pattern in your life.

As more and more pains and traumas accumulate, you will come to a point of feeling a victim of fate. You will see the world as cruel including the people in it.

If people would change and treat you kindly, life would be much easier. As this continues to happen, you’re giving away your power.

3. You realize the inner pain has never been the problem. 

Since you’re called for a unique purpose, you will come to a tipping point where you decide enough is enough. You couldn’t carry the weight much longer and decide to heal yourself because you realize no one will do it for you.

Or, the experience may have resulted in a physical illness in which you have no other choice than heal yourself. Through your healing process, you will have the epiphany that everything that happens in your life is for your own good.

It’s all designed to awaken your soul and be the healer the world needs.

The Mystic’s Journey

1. You feel as if darkness envelops your soul.

Your life seems to be surrounded by utter darkness. You even feel that you’re falling in the deepest pit full of darkness and gloom. It’s what others termed as the dark night of the soul.

Your dreams, expectations, and hopes are shattered into pieces and you don’t know how to put them back. You completely feel lost and broken.

2. You surrender to life.

As this crisis escalates, you feel helpless and start to surrender to life. In this moment of surrendering lies your liberation.

The divine source only waits for you to fall down on your knees, pray and ask for help. Feeling your soul has been redeemed, you rise up with a new breath and a new purpose—to realize fully yourself and your life in everything.

The Shaman’s Journey

1. You explore the depth of darkness and the illumination of light.

The shaman experiences the darkest periods of life and the brightest aspects of it. You come and go between these two worlds.

Yet, it’s through the darkest regions of your psyche that helps you transform into the light and creates a connection with the divine source and your soul.

Most often, shamans have been one in their past lives, which means you may have done this yourself before.

2. You feel that the inner turmoil urges you to surrender.

Periods of intense darkness, psychic pain, and inner turmoil eat up your energy. Feeling helpless and weak, you surrender to the divine. Instantaneously, the light shines through.

The act of surrendering to what is, is the sweetest moment where you will receive further guidance to help you connect more fully to your soul.

Unless you surrender, you wouldn’t receive this divine inspiration

Which of those journeys resonates with you the most? I would love to hear more in the comments.

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