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This Experiment Proves The Power of Our Mind

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An experiment conducted by Neville Goddard who taught the principles of the mind and specialized in teaching his students on how to concentrate emotion and focus on the feeling of already achieving their dream before it had happened, conducted an experiment to prove how we manifest our physical reality using our mind.

The experiment includes a visualization process, which Nevile said if fails “proved he was a fraud” and only those who completed the experiment successfully where allowed in Neville’s next lesson.

The method is a simple exercise of visualizing climbing a ladder for 3 days every night until you fall asleep. Neville’s students claimed that after a week or so of doing the exercise, the opportunity for someone to ask them to climb a ladder presented itself. Random circumstances such as asking them to reach something off the top of a shelf or something similar which involved climbing a ladder – after they had imagined it.

This experiment proves how powerful the subconscious mind is and the wonderful capability that we have to be able to direct and influence our minds in a positive way to attract and be able to move towards the things we want, just by focusing. Which in turn means that you can, in fact, manifest any desired outcome you want just by using your imagination first.  Mr. E.O Locker one of Neville’s students said:

I have no worries, I have nothing to worry about, because I know if I get into trouble I can imagine my way out because the thing that runs your life is what you’re thinking about before you go to sleep. That’s what runs your life completely, if you take this advice you will never go to sleep depressed, you will never go to sleep unhappy, if you’re ever unhappy, think about whatever will make you feel happy and grateful.” – Mr. E.O Locker

Neville’s experiment was as follows:

1st Process:
1. Choose a different side of the bed that you sleep on if you usually sleep on your right – sleep on the left.
2. As you go to sleep, picture yourself climbing up a ladder in front of you. Imagine the ladder: take your left hand reach up now imagine your right hand and grabbing the other side of the ladder. In your imagination, see and feel yourself lifting your left foot then your right foot. Imagine pulling yourself up and feel the sides of the ladder in your hands your feet moving up each ladder one at a time and moving higher and higher. When you reach to the top, climb down, then climb up again.

For 3 nights, use all your senses to imagine yourself climbing up and down this ladder until you fall asleep.

2nd Process:
Write out several notes saying “I will not climb a ladder” and place them in many different places you will see them through out the day, as a wallet, phone or screen saver, bathroom mirror, each time you see them tell yourself you really will not climb a ladder and convince yourself it is true, after 3 days of using this visualsation let it go.

3rd Process:
Letting it go. 
Forget and do not think about climbing a ladder, do not go out your way to find a ladder or look for it. Let it happen naturally. If it doesn’t happen after a week, repeat the process again.

The reason Neville conducted this experiment by using a ladder to visualize is because of a ladder it so common that people don’t tend to ask how it will happen or doubt the details. Once this exercise has been completed, you can then use the same process to climb the ladder of health, wealth, success, love or anything you want.

One of the biggest factors that block things from manifesting in our lives is resistance and visualizing the thing we want talking about it being none existent or having a lack of it which causes that exact thing to manifest in our reality.

Will you try this experiment? Do you believe we can manifest our physical reality using our mind? Leave your comments below! I am going to try this experiment and will let you know the results soon.


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Kash Khan

Kash Khan

Kash Khan is the founder of Educate Inspire Change (EIC). Since 2012 he has focused on on inspiring and educating others in order to improve their consciousness and connect to their true selves.


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