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The Eating Habits Of These 15 People From Around The World Might Shock You


What photographer Peter Menzel set of to achieve when he and his partner Faith D’Aluisio (writer) set off on their travels, was to capture the eating habits of 80 people from extremely diverse backgrounds… What they ended up documenting was far more hard hitting and real than they could have ever prepared themselves for.

Looking at an entire days intake of food in this way really puts into perspective how differently each individual lives their lives. But what makes it difficult to stomach is the lack of choice some people have, not just in what they can eat but how much they can. In a mere 15 photographs the calorie gap between the most and the least is a frightening 4,600, which in itself is nearly double the recommended amount for one person to consume in a day. Think about that while you look through these photographs…

Maasai village near Narok, Kenya – 800 calories
38 year old Noolkisaruni Tarakuai is the third out of the wives of a Maasai Chief…


Sanaa, Yemen – 3,300 calories
Ahmed Ahmed Swaid makes his living selling chewable qat leaves out of plastic bags


Kabakae Village, Ghanzi, Botswana – 900 calories
32 year old Marble Moahi is a mother who has HIV


Varanas, India – 2,400 calories
45 year old Munna Kailash is a bicycle rickshaw driver, earning roughly $4-5 USD a day


Outer Space 2,700 calories
45 year old Leland Melvin posed for an especially unusual photo when he was in space on a mission as a NASA astronaut


Bloomington, Minnesota, 1,900 calories
Student Tiffany Whitehead is an amusement park ride supervisor at the Mall of America


Dhaka, Bangladesh – 1,800 calories
Seamstress Ruma Akhter lives with her parents and three siblings in a rented 10 by 10 foot room


Cairo, Egypt – 3,200 calories
40 year old Saleh Abdul Fadlallah works in a market outside Cairo as a camel broker


Fort Irwin, California – 4,000 calories
Soldier Curtis Newcomer poses at the Us Army’s National training Center in the Mojave desert


Effingham, Illinois – 5,400 calories
54 year old Conrad Tolby is a long-distance truck driver


New York City – 2,400 calories
23 year old Mariel Booth is a model and student


Caracas, Venezuela – 4,000 calories
High school student Katherine Navas’ family runs an internet and coffee shop in the nations capital


Caviana Amazonas, Brazil – 3,400 calories
43 year old Solange Da Silva Correia is the wife of a rancher and has no running water


Iqualuit, Nunavut, Canada – 4,700 calories
29 year old Willie Ishulutak is a soapstone carver who can create 2 or 3 single carvings in a single day. selling for $100 a piece


Tingo Village, Central Andes, Ecuador – 3,800 calories
37 year old Maria Ermelinda Ayme Sichigalo is a farmer and mother of eight children who cooks over a hearth on an earthen floor


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