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Here is How to Easily Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind According to A Hindu Priest…

Here is How to Easily Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind According to A Hindu Priest

While some of us believe we are victims of our fate, others have tapped the hidden powers of reprogramming our minds to create the reality we wish to live.

The subconscious mind is compared to an unseen portion of an iceberg which remains underwater. This ‘underwater’ portion of the mind is always active, collecting and processing information even when we are asleep.

Your Subconsciousness is What You Call Fate!

The Freudian model of the unconscious states, the contents of the subregions of the mind are the primary guiding influence on a person’s behavior, habits, and urges.

While Carl Jung states that we have to pay attention to what’s going on in the lower parts of the mind, or else when we fail to bring to consciousness the unconscious, it will direct our life making us consider it as fate.

In truth, sages, monks, and those devoted to personal development have been reprogramming this subconscious part of the mind ever since.

They know how to reprogram this region of the mind with conscious intention using the process of affirmation and mantra.

Christina Sarich defines mantra as a specialized grouping of sounds and vibrations which affect the mental and physiological planes in a positive manner.

Mantras have been used by monks as a powerful means of creating desired positive outcomes in personality, habits, beliefs, and emotions.

How to Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind According to A Hindu Priest

The Hindu Priest, Dandapani, explains how this is achieved in an interview with Brian Rose of London Real:

– Using Mantra or affirmation beads to actually reprogram the subconscious.

– Chanting affirmations with each bead like “I am happy”, or “I am confident.”

– Repeating the same chant over and over with all the 108 beads.

Dandapani, however, emphasized that the key to being successful in using the mantras lies in the preparation. One must be skillful with the following key ingredients of the affirmation process:

3 Necessary Ingredients of The Affirmation Process

1. Concise choice of positive words.

One must choose words that are concise and positive like “I love apples.” It’s concise.

Yet, the mind recognizes the words “I” and “love,” but not apple. Simply because Apple represents a variety of choices that occur in the mind throughout the day.

There’s Washington Apples, crispy Apple, the Apple MacBook Pro Mac, the Apple iPad, iPhone, and many others. Here, words are not enough which leads us to the need for visualization.

2. Clear visualization

When you visualize red bright Apples, it’s when the mind recognizes it loves the red, bright apples. Only one particular type of Apple.

This shows how words and visualizations are important in the affirmation process.

3. Corresponding Feeling

Feeling is emotion, and emotion is energy.

The late Nikola Tesla encapsulates well the Hindu philosophy with these words, “To find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.”

“Everything is made up of energy that’s vibrating at its own frequency. What we believe is that if your subconscious is filled with patterns that are vibrating at a certain frequency… and if you can go into your subconscious and create a pattern, infuse it with energy that’s vibrating at a certain frequency, you can attract things of a similar nature to it.

“So, if you go into your subconscious and repeat the concise positive words, clear visualization and infuse a feeling into it, what does it feel like, it starts to vibrate in the subconscious with that frequency. Now it attracts things with similar vibration or similar frequency to it.”

This is the main reason why people keep attracting the same person or events in their life.

Energy is just energy and doesn’t know what’s right or not right for you. That’s why feeling is the most important because it’s the actual energy that you attract.

When you know how the subconscious work, how to reprogram it, you can draw or bring into your life, anything that you want.

Source: Life Coach Code

Original Source: Rise Earth > Waking Times

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Kash Khan

Kash Khan

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