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How to Detatch and Let Go From Things That Are Not Meant For You


If you feel stuck and can’t detach and let go.

If you are feeling frustrated and stuck right now in a situation that you feel anxious about that you can’t control, sometimes difficult situations happen to teach us something and make us realise that we want or need something right now.

Although its difficult to detach from outcomes, situations and people we care about, the art of detachment is an inevitable lesson that needs to be learnt in order to progress and move on peacefully in our lives. If we are so stuck on one outcome from a certain situation or focused on a person who doesn’t want us, it blocks us from something better and more aligned with who we are and our life purpose.

“Be thankful for the closed doors, detours and roadblocks. They protect your from paths and places not meant for you and lead you to something better.”

If you always carry this state of mind with you when something doesn’t work out, you will develop a much deeper peace of mind knowing that everything will work out.

Life is too short to waste precious time on trying to force people and situations, instead let things flow, what is for you will always be for you.

To move forward, we have to learn to let go as it is the only way to regain power of our lives our mind and happiness.

“Change is the only constant in the universe.”

One way to regain peace of mind, is letting go of control. We cannot control any external conditions or how other people feel, the only thing we can control is our own peace of mind and choosing to focus on a better feeling emotion that we want to feel.

Make the Decision.

At each moment and second no matter how long you have spent focusing on the situation, you can decide to not focus anymore. Make a decision, write it down and keep doing it until it goes away. Make a decision to not give anymore power to the thing you feel bad about and tell yourself:

“This too shall pass.”

You don’t need anything

Often we worry if we lose that job, or person, how will we survive? Everything always works out in the end and even better than you can ever imagine. Trust yourself, believe in yourself, you are worthy enough. “When you need nothing, you attract everything.”

There is no problem, there is only point of view – Barbara Kovachich

It’s all a Choice

Coach Corey Wayne says that its our choice how we feel and get upset about. If you want something or someone that doesn’t want you, its your choice to stay around feeling frustrated “Thats not what a high status person would do, a high status person would say “You don’t want me! Your loss!”

Change how you feel internally then the outside won’t change you

Count your blessings

First, count blessings, if you have your health, your eyes, food, water, your lucky. Count all of the small blessings, then focus on all the positive aspects of the current situation. Did you lose your job? Now you have time to think about something you can enjoy more. Did your partner leave you? Now you have more time to spend focused on yourself and becoming your best version. Now ask yourself, is this really worth ruining my peace of mind over? Will it matter in a year or 5 years?

When there is no peace outside, you need to find peace within.

Go within

Take time out, 5 minutes of peaceful silence, a nice quiet walk.

Be your own source of happiness.- Dr . Quin Trey

Stop Expectations

Stop – think – why am I annoyed, why does this bother me? Check your triggers this will help lose conflict and upset and help you solve and find whatever it is you actually need.

Let go

Let go of all ideas, ideals and expectations. Every moment be free from circumstance.

“Happiness is letting go of what you think your life is supposed to look like and enjoying it for everything that it is.” – Mandy Hale

“I am the only one who can make myself happy or sad.”

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Kash Khan

Kash Khan

Kash Khan is the founder of Educate Inspire Change (EIC). Since 2012 he has focused on on inspiring and educating others in order to improve their consciousness and connect to their true selves.

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