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#1: David Icke: Mental Strength, Psychedelics and Decoding Reality

For his first guest, host Kash Khan interviews writer and public speaker David Icke. The author of over 20 books focused on topics such as vibrational energy and infinite awareness, Icke has given lectures in over 25 countries on the subject matter. In his earlier years, Icke was a professional footballer and sports journalists before his spiritual awakening in the early 1990s.

The Educate Inspire Change Takeaway:

“Most of my life is spent daydreaming. It’s almost like suspending the conscious mind in terms of complete focus on the conscious mind or of the conscious mind.”

“Life tends to give you your greatest gift brilliantly disguised as your worst nightmare.”

“We live in a realm of infinite state of all possibility and what possibilities we experience are dictated by our perceptions of reality. Thus, if you get this down to its basic form, this conspiracy of human control is controlling humanity’s perception of reality.”

“The key to everything, the first step in which everything else comes, is redefining self identity.”

“It’s been in many ways a perfect journey, even though you only know where you’re going when you get there. But when you get there you can see why all the things have happened before that you thought were random.”

11:21 Icke discusses medical hurdles that were faced at a young age and how it is essential to not perceive yourself as a victim. Mentions how today’s “woke” mentality can distort an individual’s sense of self.

15:32: Icke breaks down how being offended by people’s opinions can correlate with silencing free speech, and how being offended is a choice of giving power away to the abusers. 

22:53: Khan asks Icke his opinion about the theory that sources of religion were derived from psychedelic experiences.

31:35 Icke expands on his theory of the five sense focus and how that leads to the control of people’s perception of reality, which can lead individuals to live in a world of limitations.

38:49: Icke’s shares the story of when he tried ayahuasca in 2003 while traveling in Brazil and the research he did after, and Khan comments how psychedelics (which expands the mind) are illegal but substances like opiods, alcohol, etc. are ready available and do the opposite. 

45:44: Icke’s asks the question of what happens when people begin to expand their awareness and reevaluate their self identity, and how synchronicity follows awakening. 

54:51: Khan asks Icke’s to give advice to people stuck in low vibrational environments and how they can change their experiences and seek positive energies. Icke discusses how pathways in the brain can be altered, mentioning MKUltra.

1:03:46: Icke uses the example of a drug addict to explain that addiction is something that is experienced because the body is addicted, and we are the consciousness of our experiences. Icke advises to “ditch the labels” and move it away from self identity. 

1:15:49: Icke explains how he came to meet professional psychic Betty Shine and what she told him about how he would change the world during their last two sessions. 

1:19:20 Icke describes the constant urge that was drawing him to Peru in 1991 and his life altering trip that changed his reputation and set him free from the fear of what other people think.


– — David Icke personal website

– — Phantom Self by David Icke

– — Truth Vibrations by David Icke

Guest Contact Info — David Icke on Twitter — David Icke on Facebook

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