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#4: Darin McBratney: Medical intuitives + Iboga

Host Kash Khan interviews Darin McBratney, creator of the Global Nurture Project and the owner of Costa Rica Yoga Spa that is well known for the unique and powerful combination of Iboga and yoga. In 2005, Darin became critically ill and after being misdiagnosed by dozens of doctors he was introduced to a medical intuitive who discovered the cause of his sickness. It was during Darin’s research to find a healing regiment that he discovered Iboga.

In this podcast, Darin discusses his research of Iboga and his personal relationship with the plant, how yoga prepares people for Iboga ceremonies, and the importance of intention and surrender before and during a ceremony as well as aftercare.

The Educate Inspire Change Takeaway:

“I had no idea the true capability of this amazing sacred plant.”

“Anyone can be happy anywhere, it’s about creating your own environment.” 

“We were all born organic and perfectly inline with the universe and then that’s where the sickness comes in, when we get off of that stuff and we start putting things in our body that aren’t healthy. And iboga in particular puts you right back into the center.” 

“How to maintain this wonderful Iboga glow, I’ve found to be the most powerful thing in kundalini yoga. It’s not something I do all the time but it’s something I do occasionally and it brings you right back to that beautiful center that Iboga gives you.”

5:21: Through Darin’s research to find the best healing herbs and treatments for his illness, he discovered Iboga and described his first experience with the plant. 

11:20: Kash asks Darin’s opinion on synchronicity and why it becomes a natural occurrence for people who do plant medicine.  

20:20: Darin fleshes out the importance of intention going into an Iboga ceremony and shares two stories of how the plant can sense a person’s intention, therefore giving the individual an experience based on his or her motive. 

30:54: Darin talks about the importance of Iboga aftercare and how integration after a ceremony can be difficult because the plant “melts down their reality into truth” and that can be hard for people to digest.

39:11: Darin explains that ingesting Iboga is ingesting a frequency and it raises the body to other dimensions that leads to healing. 

Resources -“Nothing in This Book is True, But It’s Exactly How Things Are,” By Bob Frissell

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