Cruel Tourists Hurl Stones to ‘Wake Up’ Giant Panda at Chinese Zoo

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A bit of a wake up call came when a tourist was filmed throwing stones at a giant panda in a Chinese zoo. Apparently to wake it up…

Based in the Chinese Capital, Beijing, the panda was simply napping – something they do, for most of their lives when some idiot decided that tossing rocks at it would stir some sort of response.

The poor panda was lucky enough that the tourist missed, bu it surely goes without saying that only the lowest of being would consider this ok.

An eyewitness who captured the footage says that they spotted two people throwing something at the panda last Saturday. It makes one wonder what actually could be wrong with people.

The video was uploaded on to Weibo – China’s “Facebook”.

The witness told Beijing News about the tourists’ intentions to wake the sleeping panda and also suggested that the zoo possibly up it’s precautionary measures to keep people like this away from these poor animals.

Beijing Zoo has come forward and announced that Meng Da, the sleepy panda is in good condition and was thankfully not harmed in the incident, but lets face it – that’s not the point is it now..

Zookeepers did immediately arrive and apprehend the offenders.

The panda has since been reported to be quite content, going on with normal daily activities.

The have also announced plans to further renovate the enclosure, adding that visitors are urged to act in a civilized manner when admiring these magnificent animals.

Thanks to massive efforts, the panda which is the national symbol of China is no longer on the endangered list.

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Kash Khan

Kash Khan

Kash Khan is the founder of Educate Inspire Change (EIC). Since 2012 he has focused on on inspiring and educating others in order to improve their consciousness and connect to their true selves.

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Kash Khan

Kash Khan

Kash Khan is the creator of Educate Inspire Change(EIC). He founded EIC in 2012 to help keep people informed, to encourage people to expand their consciousness and to inspire people to reach for their dreams.
Since 2019 he has been going through the most transformative period of his life working with Sacred Plant Medicines out of Costa Rica and is now focusing much more on creating conscious content with the sole purpose of giving people more self-awareness so that they can heal mind, body & spirit and live a full life of meaning and purpose.


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