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Crack Open The Human Mind: 15 Psychological Hacks To Help You Understand People

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Every day we deal with many people and do so with each one of them in a unique way. The strategy and technique we employ vary from person to person. Adding a dash of psychology makes it better, as we get a shot at peering into their minds and watching out for matters of concern. Here’re a few psychological hacks for you!

1. Exciting First Date

On the first date, first impressions matters. Make it interesting. This will make your date associate your first meeting with the thrill of the memorable experience, putting you in their good books.

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2. Calm Things Down

If you get into an argument, instead of standing in front, stand beside them. Standing in front is a stance of confrontation. Just changing it will diffuse a situation.

3. Placing The Feet Right

Need someone’s full attention? Just glance at their feet; if it is pointed at you, you have their full attention, if not, work harder towards holding their concentration.

4. The Correct Way To Request

Don’t ask for a favor initially. Instead, let them know that you need help. This subtle change in your approach will make the subject willing to help.

5. Chewing Gum Soothes

Whenever you are tensed in a social situation, chewing gum helps. It tells your brain you can handle the situation better. Chewing distracts your brain from being agitated.

6. A Positive Nod

You can elicit a positive response by nodding your head when you speak. The person will reflexively nod back. They accept your point of view subconsciously.

7. Rub Your Hand Before Shaking Hands

A cold and clammy handshake is an immediate damper, especially if it is a high profile meeting. Rubbing your hands dries and warms them.

8. Help Others Trust You

During a conversation, mimic the body language of the speaker. This makes them take an instant liking for you. This psychological hack is the chameleon effect.

9. Prevent A Song From Getting Stuck

Our brain is conditioned to finish what it started and so songs play in our minds. To avoid that, memorize the end.

10. The Name Matters

Always remember a person’s name. Address them directly when you meet them the next time. This psychological hack can please a person a lot.

11. Take Into Confidence

People trust us when we take them into confidence. Just inundating them with facts in useless. Sharing a secret is more effective than sharing dry knowledge.

12. Let Your Emotion Reflect Your Subject

When you are talking to somebody, your emotion should agree with your subject. Express anger when you are talking about a subject that elicits that response or laugh along when you tell a funny thing.

13. Your Face Need Not Reflect Your Mind

At times you have to keep smiling as the situation so demands. So if you are required to show happiness, then do so, though you may feel gloomy inside.

14. Initiate Physical Contact

Touching instantly establishes a bond between two persons, especially when one is excited or happy. You might not be someone who is comfortable with physical contact, but it can be helpful at times.

15. Use Positive Words

Using words that convey doubts or hesitation might put off a potential client. Avoid negative words.

Try them and let us know how you benefited from these psychological hacks!

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