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Coffee, Running and Shower: How to Start the Day Right with Your Beloved One

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Morning sets the mood for the whole day. Therefore, it is important to spend it right. Not everyone knows what a good morning is, even a bigger number of people do not know how morning can actually be good. It is hard to believe in a good morning when you suffer from the lack of sleep and the depressing thought that you have to go to work. Of course, it’s difficult to start the day when you feel already tired. To avoid this situation, you need a beloved one who will share your morning and help make it better. If you are too busy to go on endless dates, register on a dating web site.

Talking about the average sleep duration, it should be about 8 hours for an adult person, and it is important to have a sound sleep. Otherwise, you will still feel fatigue and lack of sleep, even if you go to bed early. Nonetheless, it is not only about how to sleep, it’s about how to properly spend the morning with a beloved one, developing a healthy lifestyle.

There are three unchanged morning rites for many people that will make your morning better and a little bit happier.

  •    Coffee.

To make a cup of coffee is a sacred morning rite for many people. This tradition is as constant as the morning sunrise or the “Good Morning” TV program. Although some people try to put different labels on it, associated with its harmfulness to health, there is a list of reasons proving that this drink is useful in the morning.

  •    Caffeine blocks adenosine, which is responsible for your drowsiness. Therefore, coffee stimulates the brain, increases energy and lightens mood.
  •    Coffee increases mental and physical ability.
  •    Coffee reduces the likelihood of depression.
  •    It is proved that caffeine has a favorable impact on the development of attention and memory.
  •    Coffee helps speed-up your metabolism, and hence, weight loss. Also, the studies have shown that coffee lovers have flu less, they have a longer life expectancy and less risk of premature death.

Of course, it’s about a moderate amount of coffee and only in the mornings. Therefore, if there are no medical contradictions, a cup of hot coffee will be a good addition to breakfast with your beloved one.

  •    Running.

To begin with, running is not the only physical exercise you can do with a partner at the start of the day. It’s just about the benefits of cardio in the morning. Therefore, you can easily replace the morning running with the gym, swimming, cycling or sex. The main thing is to make your cardiovascular system work. Cardio is useful not only for the body but also for a number of reasons.

  •    It reduces stress, so you feel relaxed and cheerful.
  •    It prevents depression and anxiety.
  •    It improves brain function and cardiovascular system.
  •    Improves endurance.
  •    It helps normalize your heart activity.
  •    It speeds-up metabolism.

Among other things, cardio provides energy for the whole day and help get rid of sleep problems.

  •    Cold shower.

After the active jogging, the best you can do at home is to take a cool shower. It will make a final contribution to your awakening. However, water should be really cool. In order not to create a stressful condition for your body, start with warm water and gradually change it to cool, it will be easier to adapt. What are the main advantages of a cold shower?

  •    It helps increase your willpower and sustainability.
  •    It strengthens the immune system.
  •    It increases testosterone level.
  •    It provides energy and improves your mood.
  •    It speeds up metabolism and weight loss.
  •    It improves blood circulation.

Anyway, a cold shower in the mornings is a perfect way to cheer up and tune in to a working day.

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