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Bacon-Loving Chris Pratt Has Unexpectedly Decided To Ditch Dairy and Meat For A Vegan Diet

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“Guardians of the Galaxy” star Chris Pratt is on a major diet cleanse. In an Instagram Story, Pratt told fans he’s on “day three” of something called the “Daniel Fast.”

According to People Magazine, the faith-driven Daniel Fast is “similar to a vegan diet,” and only allows  foods “grown from the seed.” People on the cleanse avoid meat, dairy, solid fats, and leavened bread.

“It’s gonna coincide also coincidentally with the ‘Lego Movie 2’ junkets, so by the time you see me, I’ll probably be hallucinating,” Pratt, 39, told his fans.

The star, who frequently posts about eating meat like bacon, says he hopes to lose weight on the fast, which is “based on the fasting experiences of the Old Testament Prophet,” and serves to help people “draw nearer to God.”

Vegan Cleanses

Pratt isn’t the only celeb to trade meat and dairy for vegan food to lose weight. Beyoncé’s been known for her love of the “Master Cleanse” a liquid fast that only allows lemon water with cayenne and maple syrup.

But more recently the Grammy winner has been following a vegan diet. Ahead of her 2018 Coachella performance, the star encouraged her Instagram followers to “join her” on a 44-day vegan diet. The appearance, now dubbed “Beychella” has been hailed as one of the most defining moments in pop culture of all time.

Beyoncé and husband Jay-Z also recently lent their voices to a vegan diet book authored by vegan exercise physiologist Marco Borges.

“The information is hard to ignore,” the couple said. “The benefits of a single plant-based meal a day can have such a profound impact on our health and the environment… We want to challenge you as we challenge ourselves to move towards a more plant-based lifestyle and acknowledge you for standing up for your health and the health of the planet.” 

Other celebs including filmmaker Kevin Smith, Black Eyed Peas frontman, and Craig Robinsonhave all switched to a vegan diet for health reasons. Smith started his vegan diet following a massive heart attack. He took a cue from magician Penn Jillette and ate only potatoes for two weeks to help with weight loss.

Pratt’s weight has fluctuated over the years. “These last couple of months, I have just not been that motivated to work out. And I’ve been eating,” he said on an Instagram story in December. “And I know it’s winter and it’s holiday season. This morning I woke up and I’ve determined that I’m going to get on it. And I don’t want to, but I’m going to do it, I’m going to start it today.”

“Let’s motivate each other,” he continued. “Social media stuff can be so ugly and so nasty and it can make us hurt one another but I’m trying to motivate ya.”

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This new lifestyle is quite the turnaround for Chris Pratt as it was only a year ago that he got a serious backlash from the vegan community when he posted this image on Instagram:


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Look at all this glorious food! We will eat off him for a month. His wool is becoming yarn as we speak. He lived a very good life. He was groomed and shorn, his hooves medicated, de wormed, no antibiotics necessary. Surrounded by laughing loving humans, including children to whom they provided such joy. Nuzzled, pet and loved every day. No stressful travel to his final destination. Trauma Free. Just a touch of a usda certified wand to his head and he goes to sleep. The other sheep don’t even notice. It’s like unplugging a tv. Then Wocka my butcher works his magic. Right now the meat is for friends, family and gifts. Soon though it may be available to my followers as we test recipes and open up to market. Gotta get some things dialed in first. I have found a new passion to add to my many others. #farmlife and jack loves it! You’ll know where to sprinkle my ashes. I’ll tell you that.

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Naturally, with a famous person supporting the carnivore life, vegans were outraged.

One person wrote:

He clearly has been indoctrinated into this macho world of needing to dominate animals in order to feel like a man. Pathetic.

Another said:

Killing is dark, it’s bloody, it’s death, it’s ego, vanity, it’s sin and is unnecessary for survival.

The mentality that eating animals is ok and a personal choice is the very reason this planet and society is going to total shit so quickly.

So I’m sure the vegan community is as shocked as anyone now that Mr Pratt has decided to jump camp.

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