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#11: Bill Ottman: Internet Freedom, Social Media & Mindful Living

Host Kash Khan interviews Bill Ottman, an internet entrepreneur, freedom of internet activist, and the CEO and co-founder of Minds, a free and open source networking service that rewards its users through the blockchain.

In this podcast, Bill talks about an array of topics from the importance of the internet transitioning to a transparent, open source, decentralized direction; to the similarities psychedelics and technology share through the interconnectedness it provides to the individuals who use them.

The Educate Inspire Change Takeaway:

“Biology and technology is symbiotic.”

“Conversation minimizes violence, so if you’re restricting the conversation even though it may be with the intent of reducing hate speech or radicalization, that has a higher likelihood of causing violence and radicalization because you create all these people who think that they’re victims, they’re pissed off that they’re censored, and they freak out.”

“Our success is not dependent on someone else’s failure… you can be successful by doing what you do well and there will be people who are attracted to that.”

“By participating in bitcoin you are building a better system.”

“I feel like taking psychedelics is like going to a teacher and figuring out what you need to do and the areas you need to work on.”

Bullet Points (w/ time stamps) – Highlighting key topics discussed 

2:37: Kash asks Bill to explain how he became involved in the technology field, and Bill talks about the platforms our technologies should be built on to ensure a user’s freedoms.

8:41: Kash asks Bill why he thinks Facebook doesn’t care about the creators and the platform, and after surmising his beliefs, Bill asks Kash the same question.

22:40: Kash asks Bill to talk more about how his networking website Minds works and how it rewards users with tokens, essentially paying users for their data through the revenue Minds generates. 

31:00: Kash opens up the conversation for Bill to talk about his psychedelic experiences and what part they have played in his view of life, our planet, and technology.

45:47: Kash and Bill talk about artificial intelligence and the Open AI initiative that Elon Musk created, and the pros and cons Bill sees in it becoming a beautiful resource to help people or pharmaceutical and other companies corrupting the initiative. 

56:52: Kash asks Bill to talk about where he believes the future of cryptocurrency lies, and Bill expresses his appreciation for the creator of Bitcoin as well as how cryptocurrency is integrated on his platform Minds.

1:07:43: Bill shares the last book that he read, which was a book of passages by Geroeg Orwell and how relevant they are today considering social media platforms have become silos of communication that are able to censor its users. 

1:14:44: Bill talks about the feeling of interconnectedness that psychedelics give you is very similar to navigating through the internet by leaving traces and giving energy to thousands of places every single day. 

1:18:00: Kash talks about the importance of intention and being thankful; both Bill and Kash begin discussing vegan and vegetarianism, and how the pace of eating or fasting influences the body and mind in ways similar to psychedelics.

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